Octopus Aquariums & Squid Aquariums

Custom Aquariums provides aquariums for octopuses and quality squid aquariums for zoos, nature centers, and aquarium centers across the United States, including the North Carolina Aquarium of Manteo, NC, the Underwater Adventures Aquarium in Bloomington, MN, the Virginia Marine Science Museum in Virginia Beach, VA, and many other centers and societies.

Our aquariums for squids and octopus aquariums are large and beautifully designed with close attention to detail. Custom Aquariums has invested many years perfecting our design, to ensure that your octopus aquariums will withstand the pressure placed on the glass walls of the tank. In addition to being strong, these aquariums for octopuses or squids are visually stunning, and our aquarium backgrounds will bring out the beauty of your octopus and squid residents swimming around inside of the tank. Viewers of all ages will be fascinating by these intelligent creatures thriving in their own customized octopus aquariums or squid aquariums. You can even keep these unique animals in your own home aquarium!

Octopus & Squid Aquariums

As you shop online or locally for octopus aquariums and squid aquariums, you will need to watch for durability and quality of the glass. When it comes to quality of the aquarium engineering, Custom Aquariums has experienced aquarium-making professionals with decades of experience in the manufacturing of aquariums for octopuses or aquariums for squids.

In addition, we have over fourteen patents either granted or filed and over a dozen trademarks for our octopus aquariums, squid aquariums and tank accessories, such as the H2Overflow®, Stealthbox®, Seamless Sump®, Siphon Stopper®, and other aquarium systems. It is Custom Aquariums' goal to solve the problems that are far too common in the aquarium-making industry.

Aquariums for Squids and Octopuses

Our aquariums for squids and octopuses are large and spacious, so that your creatures will be able to swim around and enjoy the expanse of their saltwater home. Additionally, our aquariums will be able to hold many sizes and species of cephalopods, such as most types of octopus, and their cousins, the squid, nautilus and cuttlefish. Highly intelligent but often living short lifespans, these marine creatures will eat most other small creatures such as shrimp, crabs and fish, so they cannot share a reef tank with other smaller animals or even their own kind and must be kept in a solitary tank of their own.

If you are strongly considering purchasing one of our aquariums for octopuses or aquariums for squids, please consider diet, size, lifespan, and environment requirements for your cephalopod.

Aquariums for Octopuses - Woods & Finishes

Our Majestic aquariums are furniture-style aquariums and feature a dynamic wood canopy and stand that are stained or painted in your choice of color. Each one of our octopus aquariums or squid aquariums has the option of one of our four water-based stain colors, which will be applied to match any of your furniture or woodwork in your home.

In addition, all our octopus aquariums and squid aquariums are manufactured in the USA and made from the hardwoods of Wisconsin. The professionals at Custom Aquariums puts painstaking detail into each of our tanks to ensure your 100% satisfaction.

Aquariums for Squids - Glass Engineering

When it comes to the quality of the glass, you can count on Custom Aquariums. Each of our aquariums for octopuses and aquariums for squids are manufactured in our reputable glass and working facilities. Additionally, we have digital read-out glass beveling and wood working equipment which is accurate to the thousandths of an inch. You will find that our squid aquariums are manufactured using both technology and hands-on techniques to produce the highest quality octopus aquariums available on the market, with less of a lead time than our competitors.

Serenity Aquarium Services

Serenity Aquariums

If you would like to care for your octopus, squid, nautilus or cuttlefish but don't have the time to care for it as much as you would like, Custom Aquariums and our sister company, Serenity Aquariums work together to help ensure that your cephalopod gets the proper care it needs, as well as assistance and recommendations for filtration.

Serenity Aquariums can provide the following services for your octopus or squid aquariums:

  • General aquarium care
  • Aquarium cleaning and sanitation
  • Health inspection of the animal
  • Feeding services for your cephalopod

Keeping an octopus or squid aquarium is a unique and rewarding hobby. Intelligent, aware, and even trainable, they will come out of their hiding places to observe you and your visitors. If you have questions about the care of your octopus and need assistance with the installation and maintenance of your octopus or squid aquariums, please reach out to Custom Aquariums with questions. If you are a public zoo, nature center or aquarium and are interested in purchasing from us, please give us a call today or use our online aquarium configurator!

When it comes to customized aquariums for octopuses or squids, we can help you choose a size that will will be appropriate for the species chosen. We have many configurations available for numerous installations, sizes, colors, and shapes for your octopus, squid, nautilus or cuttlefish.

Please visit our octopus aquariums configurator or if you have questions, please contact us today!