Tang Aquariums / Tang Tanks

If you are an aquarium enthusiast looking to get started on tang aquariums of your own, or an experienced fish tank hobbyist looking to replace your old saltwater tank, Custom Aquariums can help! Aquariums for tangs or surgeonfish need to be built with strength and quality engineering in order to withstand the gallons of water that will put pressure on the glass walls of the tank.

Your surgeonfish tanks must not only be strong, but also visually appealing, especially if you need them to match your living room furniture or office area. Our tang tanks can be customized with many woods and finishes to match the woodwork of your room. Aquariums for tangs are unique, and will delight viewers of all ages as they watch your tangs swim and thrive in their saltwater habitat!

When searching for aquariums for tangs online, be sure to look for tang tanks that are built with durability and quality glass fabrication. At Custom Aquariums, quality is never a concern as our aquarium-making professionals have decades of experience in aquarium engineering. In addition, we have over fourteen patents either granted or filed and over a dozen trademarks for our tang tanks and accessories, including the H2Overflow®, Stealthbox®, Seamless Sump®, Siphon Stopper®, and other systems. Our aquarium systems make the filtration and feeding process cleaner, simpler and more enjoyable to maintain. Custom Aquariums' tang tank professionals are committed to solving the problems that are far too common in the aquarium-making industry.

Tang Aquariums

Aquariums for Tangs

Custom Aquariums manufactures large, spacious tang aquariums that provide lots of space for coral to grow and surgeonfish to swim and share their habitat with other species of tangs as well as other types of fish.

Tangs are brilliantly-colored fish that come in many varieties, including the royal blue tang, or blue hippo tang, which is well-known for its fictional depiction in "Finding Nemo" and "Finding Dory" as the absent-minded but lovable Dory.

Other varieties of tangs include the Yellow Tang, Kole Yellow Eye Tang, Powder Blue Tang, Naso Tang, Blonde Naso Tang, Powder Brown Tang, Yellow Belly Regal Blue Tang, Sailfin Tang, Desjardini Sailfin Tang, Clown Tang, Convict Tang, Achilles Tang, Chevron Tang, Purple Tang, Scopas Tang, Orangeshoulder Tang, Sohal Tang, Lieutenant Tang, and many other species. Tangs, or surgeonfish, can be aggressive towards other tangs that are of their same species or size, so if you're planning on purchasing one of our surgeonfish aquariums be sure to introduce various-sized fish and different species to reduce aggression.

Aquariums for Tangs - Woods & Finishes

Our furniture-style tang aquariums go by the name Majestic, for their dynamic wood canopy and stand that is stained or painted in various tones and colors. Each one of our tang aquariums has the option of one of our four water-based stain colors, which can be applied to match your living room area or office! Our tang tanks will come with two coats of water-based clear coats and will be hand-sanded between coats of stain and clear coat in order to ensure a classy sheen on the wood.

All our surgeonfish aquariums are made in the USA and crafted from the hardwoods of Wisconsin. All aquarium backs have a matching plywood with a solid hardwood frame. We put painstaking detail into each of our tang aquariums to ensure your 100% satisfaction.

Tang Aquariums - Glass Engineering

Each of our Majestic® tang aquariums are built in our reputable glass and working facilities. We have digital read-out glass beveling and wood working equipment accurate to the thousandths of an inch. With careful engineering, our surgeonfish aquariums are manufactured utilizing the combination of technology and hands-on experience to produce the highest quality pieces possible. In addition, you will find our lead time is less than our competitors.

Serenity Aquarium Services

Serenity Aquariums

If you are looking into our tang tanks but cannot put in as much time as desired to care for the fish and the aquarium, Custom Aquariums can assist, along with our sister company, Serenity Aquariums. Serenity USA has aquarium and aviary services to provide routine maintenance for your surgeonfish tanks. The aquarium professionals at Serenity Aquariums and Custom Aquariums can provide your tang tanks with cleaning, sanitation, health inspection, feeding and filtration services.

Serenity Aquariums provides the following services for your tang aquariums:

  • General aquarium care
  • Aquarium cleaning and sanitation
  • Health inspection of the fish and other creatures
  • Replacement of fish and accessories
  • Removal of excess fish or separating species for safety/breeding reasons
  • Feeding services for your tangs

Tang aquariums are a unique way to brighten up your office area and provide an interesting attraction in any waiting room at a doctors or dentist office, nursing home, assisted living facility, corporate office, bank, restaurant, hotel, airport, museum, hospital, nature center, zoo, or even your own home.

Tang Tanks / Surgeonfish Tanks

Tangs are fascinating fish that can thrive in a coral tank or with many other types of fish! The crew at Custom Aquariums can give you tips on caring for your fish, and offer you recommendations on aquarium filtration, fish feeding and water cleanliness for your own aquariums for tangs.

When it comes to customized tang aquariums, we can help you choose a size that will fit the amount of fish species you are planning to introduce into your tank. We can customize it exactly to your liking, and have endless options for installations, shapes, sizes, and even colors - so if you have questions about our tang aquariums and are interested in getting started on a tang tank configuration, please visit our tang aquariums configurator or if you have questions, please give us a call or use our online contact today!