Triggerfish Aquariums / Triggerfish Tanks

At Custom Aquariums, we provide large triggerfish aquariums that are spacious enough for your triggerfish and other fish species! Not only will you find our triggerfish aquariums to be large, but also engineered with attention to detail and the ability to last for a lifetime! Additionally, our triggerfish tanks can be customized to your needs, with various aquarium installation options, shapes, sizes and colors available!

Are you an experienced aquarium hobbyist or only just now getting started with an aquarium? No problem! Custom Aquariums builds beautiful triggerfish aquariums that will provide a spacious environment for many triggerfish types, including the Humu Picasso, Niger, Bursa, Clown, Undulate, Humu Rectangle, Blue Throat, Pinktail, Red Tail and Crosshatch species. These saltwater fish are extremely adaptable but require large triggerfish tanks with many places to hide. On average, triggerfish will grow to be six to ten inches in size. One thing to keep in mind is that these striking fish can become aggressive to similar species or other types of fish, so research your species' temperament to see if an aquarium divider may be required.

Aquariums for triggerfish must be built with durability and attention to detail. The manufacturers at Custom Aquariums have years of experience in the fish tank making industry, and we have over fourteen patents either granted or filed and over a dozen trademarks. Some of these include the H2Overflow®, Stealthbox®, Seamless Sump®, Siphon Stopper®, and other systems for easy aquarium filtration and feeding. Here at Custom Aquariums, we are committed to solving problems commonly seen in the aquarium-making industry, and will help you every step of the way when you order one of our triggerfish tanks!

Triggerfish Aquariums - Woods & Finishes

Our glass aquariums for triggerfish are created with the Majestic canopy and stand and can come in a variety of wood types such as oak and maple and various finishes and paints. Each one of our triggerfish aquariums has the choice of one of our four water-based stain colors. You can also have a custom stain applied to match your home or office area. Our aquarium hoods and stands receive two coats of water-based clear coats. In addition, to ensure a high quality and classy sheen on the hoods and stands, we will hand-sand between coats of stain and clear coat, producing beautiful results for our triggerfish tanks.

You can count on our triggerfish tanks being manufactured in the USA and made exclusively from the hardwoods of Wisconsin. The aquarium back features a matching plywood with a solid hardwood frame. When manufacturing our aquariums for triggerfish, we put careful detail into our craftsmanship, and there is no practice board used in any part of the construction of our triggerfish aquariums' canopies.

Triggerfish Aquariums - Glass Engineering

Our Majestic® triggerfish aquariums are built using our state-of-the-art glass and working facilities. Custom Aquariums' facilities are complete with digital read-out glass beveling equipment and wood working equipment accurate to the thousandths of an inch. These triggerfish aquarium hoods and stands are manufactured using the combination of technology and hands-on experience to produce the highest quality pieces with a smaller lead time than our competitors.

Serenity Aquarium Services

Serenity Aquariums

If you are hoping to get one of our saltwater aquariums for triggerfish, but don't have as much time as you'd like to care for it, Custom Aquariums' sister company, Serenity Aquariums, can provide routine maintenance for your triggerfish tanks. The Serenity professionals specialize in cleaning, sanitation, health inspection, feeding and filtration services, so that you don't have to worry about maintaining the aquarium all yourself!

Serenity Aquariums provides the following filtration and feeding services for your fish:

  • General aquarium care
  • Aquarium cleaning and sanitation
  • Health inspection of the fish and other creatures
  • Replacement of fish and accessories
  • Removal of excess fish or separating species for safety/breeding reasons
  • Feeding services for your triggerfish

If you own an office and want a unique way to spruce up your waiting areas or lobby, these beautiful aquariums for triggerfish are an excellent choice. Guests of all ages will be delighted every time they visit and will be mesmerized for hours watching your triggerfish thriving in their environment. These triggerfish tanks can be home to many other species as well, and will be the center of attention in any dental or doctor waiting room area, corporate office, nursing home, assisted living facility, bank, restaurant, hotel, airport, zoo, nature center and of course, your own living room!

Are you a hobbyist wishing to get started on your new triggerfish tank, or are experienced in the hobby and are just looking to expand or replace your old saltwater tank? Custom Aquariums can help!

If you have questions regarding our customized aquariums or Serenity Aquarium services, please reach out to us today by phone or contact us online for assistance. We can walk you through the process of configurating your own triggerfish aquariums today!