DIY Aquariums

At Custom Aquariums, we provide many options for aquarium hobbyists. Many enjoy building aquariums on their own. If this sounds like you, please contact Custom Aquariums and we can assist you with your DIY aquarium. From the aquarium stand, to canopy, to filtration system, we have all the materials and accessories you will need to put together your own DIY fish tanks!

The best part about putting together DIY aquariums, is that they're lots of fun! With patience and time, you will find assembling your DIY aquariums to be a blast. Just call Custom Aquariums and one of our aquarium experts will be able to help you. Or watch the King of DIY for inspiration and tips on DIY aquarium setups.

Custom Aquariums is happy to help our customers with their DIY aquariums and DIY fish tanks. Even if you don't have much experience, do it yourself aquariums can be a blast to assemble. In a few weeks time, it is fun to watch the water, rocks, coral and fish all come together and though it takes time, the process can be quite rewarding. If you need tips or assistance with assembly, or adding your rock, coral, fish, crabs, shrimp and other species, please give us a call and we will be happy to assist.

Saltwater & Freshwater DIY Aquariums

When choosing your DIY aquarium, you will find that you can choose between a saltwater and freshwater aquarium. Bear in mind that keeping a saltwater aquarium will require more frequent cleanings and maintenance than a freshwater aquarium. Nonetheless, many opt for a saltwater aquarium because of the wide variety of colorful fish species that are available. Freshwater and saltwater aquarium displays are both beautiful, and each have their own advantages and drawbacks. When in doubt, consider the needs of your family and your schedule. If you have any questions regarding DIY aquariums and the time that goes into the care of your aquarium, we will be happy to answer to provide you insight and knowledge. Our aquarium experts can provide tips and guidance for how to care for your aquarium.

Custom DIY Aquariums

If you are looking for a specific aquarium customization, we can help! At Custom Aquariums, we specialize in custom aquarium configuration. Our DIY fish tanks and aquariums come in many shapes, sizes and styles. If you are looking for a specific shape of tank other than the typical rectangular shapes, we also manufacture square, pentagon, hexagon, and rimless aquarium shapes. Our DIY aquariums are made-to-order in the USA and are not mass produced on a production line. In addition, our engineers use the highest quality glass and fabrication techniques within the industry. You can be assured that your DIY aquariums are made with precision and detail, so that they will last a lifetime.

Some of the accessories that can come with your DIY fish tanks include aquarium backgrounds, glass lids, pumps, protein skimmers, racks, cleaning supplies, and our very own Seamless Sump. Our custom DIY aquariums will provide your fish with the best aquatic experience. Whether you are purchasing a saltwater or freshwater DIY aquarium for your office or home, we have something everyone will enjoy.