Filter Sock Tubs for Custom Aquariums

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Seamless Sump Filter Sock Tub

Information and Specifications

Filter Sock Tub

Seamless Sump® Filter Sock Tub Key Features

  • Prevents debris from entering your media stack
  • Polishes micro particles from water for extreme water clarity
  • Easy to change sock without turning off your pumps
  • No high pressure seal that can leak
  • Water can bypasses sock in the event it gets clogged without disrupting the remainder of the filter system
  • Glass lid won't turn yellow or curl like acrylic lids
  • Comes with a 100 micron filter sock and bracket
  • Replacement socks inexpensive / disposable / reusable
  • Tub made from 1 piece molded HDPE, a material far superior to glass or acrylic for this use
  • A must have for any sump system.

Double Filter Sock Tub

Seamless Sump® Double Filter Sock Tub Key Features

  • Up to 2400GPH of flow!
  • Can handle up to two H2Overflows
  • Adds very little to the footprint of your filtration system with very little added cost as compared to a single sock tub
  • Sturdy HDPE construction that is easy to clean and will not absorb chemicals
  • Glass lid will not warp or turn yellow
  • All of the other benefits of the single sock tub!
  • A great upgrade for any sump system.

Quadruple Filter Sock Tub

Seamless Sump® Jumbo 4 Sock Aquarium Filter/Protein Skimmer Tub Key Features

  • Height of a sock tub with footprint of a reservoir tub
  • Up to 4 filter socks for a flow rate of up to 4800GPH!
  • Can accept up to four H2Overflows in a single tub!
  • Large reservoir area perfect for submersible skimmers and/or liverock
  • Hinged glass canopy (optional) minimizes evaporation and lets you view the top of your skimmer
  • Adds massive water volume, flow rates, and particle filtration with minimal footprint and cost

Water enters the filter sock from a slip fitting at the top of the sock tub. Typically, a 1-1/2" slip x barb fitting would be connected to a flexible tube that is connected directly to your overflow.

The water then permeates through the sides of the filter sock and exits the bulkhead to the next tub in the system. These socks are manufactured to allow water to easily soak through, yet keep particles in, thus preventing particles from getting to the next stage of your sump system.

Should the sock pours clog in an extreme situation, the water would just trickle over the top edge of the sock and continue through the system without causing a flood or shutting down the flow of the entire system. This is a very important feature our sock tub has that most other sock housings or canister filters do not.

Filter Sock Tub Flow

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Seamless Sump® Filter Sock Tub

The Seamless Sump® filter sock tub is the perfect solution to both prevent debris from entering your media stack and to polish micro particles from your water. You will never see water as clear as when you use this sock tub! After a water change or fresh installation, this tub will clear up your water clarity in a fraction of the time!

The unique design makes changing the sock very easy and accessible without even having to turn off the flow of the system. Unlike other sock housings, the system is not under pressure and does not require a tight seal. Most other housings and canister filters rely on gaskets under pressure that inevitably fail over time.

Should for some reason your sock get clogged with particles or debris between services (highly unlikely given the flow rate it can handle) the water will simply bypass the sock and continue through the system without causing a flood or emergency. The glass lid also won't turn yellow or curl like an acrylic lid in other systems.

Comes with a 100 micron 4" x 14" filter sock, bracket, and a 1-1/2" slip fitting to easily connect to an overflow. Bulkheads and elbows also available to connect to our baffle tub or reservoir tub. Also works well with other sump systems.

Replacement socks are inexpensive enough to be disposable, yet can be reused many times when rinsed with a mild bleach solution if desired. Because our products are designed by our professional service technicians and engineers we make our products to last and have a low lifetime operating cost. We don't design products just to sell you consumables like other companies. Made from one piece molded HDPE (read more on HDPE), a material far superior to acrylic or glass for this use. A must have for any sump system.

Seamless Sump® Double Filter Sock Tub

Our double sock tub can be substituted for any single sock tub to double the amount of flow your system can handle. It can accept up to two H2Overflows in a single tub. Between the two massive socks and the 2” output elbow it doubles the flow rate your system can handle while barely adding to the footprint and cost.

Filter Sock Tub

Key Specifications

Side View 1
Top View
Side View 2

Total Volume Capacity (full to glass lid): 7.7 gallons
Ideal Functional Volume (half way up 1-1/2" side bulkhead): 6.8 gallons