Amphibious Aquariums

Turtle Aquariums & Amphibious Aquariums

Amphibian Aquarium Features

  • Your choice of glass or acrylic sliding front, side, or back doors
  • Seamless Sump® complete filtration available with H2Overflows® and Siphon Stopper® outputs
  • Keyed lock for security
  • Professional marine grade aluminum framework with minimal gaps where crickets can't escape!
  • Printed backgrounds available, including land/water themes
  • Multiple options for water depth
  • Glass lids can be made partially ventilated with cricket proof perforated aluminum
  • Sliding doors on top of the tank also available
  • Custom wood materials and finishes available for stands and canopies

Aquarium Unique Sliding Door Feature

Now any of our standard amphibious aquariums can be made as amphibian aquariums with sliding front, back, or side doors for more convenient access to your amphibious animal! This is also a benefit as it eliminates the hassle of removing the top of the turtle aquarium whenever you need to reach into the enclosure. The bottom of the paludarium aquarium holds water, the top half is great for viewing and giving your plants and animals dry space with easy access.

Amphibian Aquariums Removable Sliding Doors

Half Land & Half Water Customization

Our amphibious aquariums are half land and half water, but do not have to be limited to a 50% land, 50% water setup. For example, you could opt for 75% land and 25% water for those animals which are mostly land dwellers but need a little water in their environment to thrive. These paludarium aquariums, then, make excellent habitats for turtles, and other reptile and amphibian species such as caimans, snakes and chameons. Turtle aquariums are great as well for terrarium setups with live plants and multi species! These amphibious aquariums also work great for aquaponics! Additionally, our paludarium aquariums are also available on our other site, Custom Cages!

Lifetime Aquariums amphibious enclosures combine the best of aquariums and vivariums.

Online pricing for amphibious aquariums and other unique aquarium styles is coming soon - please call us for a price quote - we are now accepting orders! (Typical pricing is 20-40% more than a regular standard aquarium depending on the configuration).

Amphibious Turtle Aquariums Video

Beautiful custom made amphibious turtle aquarium made by Works great for turtles, snakes, caimans, chameleons, aquaponics, and much more! Any of our glass aquariums can be made into an amphibious tank with sliding front doors!

Custom Aquariums Features an Amphibious Aquarium at Aquatic Experience

Here is a spectacular view of our 30"H x 72"L x 24"D Amphibious Aquarium with our Black Walnut and Clear Coat 10"H Majestic® Canopy and 31.5"H Majestic® Stand

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