Hexagon, Pentagon & Square Aquariums

Custom Aquariums manufactures customized hexagon, pentagon and square aquariums of various shapes, sizes and dimensions, in addition to our popular standard rectangular aquariums! These aquariums come with Majestic hoods and stands. Our hexagon, pentagon and square shaped aquarium craftsmen account for flow ratings and additional circulation, aeration, flow, skimming capacity, and surface area of bio filtration. These aquariums are built to work for fresh water, salt water, reef, and marine aquatic environments and come in your choice of glass or acrylic.

Hexagon Island Aquariums

Our unique, six-sided hexagon island aquariums make excellent habitats for many types of aquatic species, including fish, coral, sharks, rays, turtles and more! These unusual tanks are usually placed in the middle of the room for easy viewing and make a truly aesthetically eye catching addition to your home, office, waiting room, library, indoor or outdoor aquarium, zoo, and more!

Our hexagon aquariums are also available as glass rimless aquariums, so that viewers can look down into the aquarium and see the teeming aquatic life!

Custom Aquariums also offers hexagon island shaped aquariums in the amphibious style, making it suitable for turtles and various amphibious creatures to enjoy a half-land, half-water habitat! You can contact Custom Aquariums by phone at (844) 244-8265, emailing our staff, or messaging us on our Contact Us page for more information regarding our hexagon aquariums!

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Pentagon Aquariums

Pentagon Corner Aquariums

Our pentagon aquariums make popular corner aquariums that will work aesthetically for the corner of your living room! Both amphibious and rimless aquariums in addition to our standard rectangular design, these aquariums will work for most small species of aquatic plants and animals and make an excellent choice for anyone who doesn't have much space in their room, including offices, waiting areas, living rooms, etc. Contact Custom Aquariums by calling (844) 244-8265, emailing our staff, or messaging us on our Contact Us page for questions about our pentagon corner aquariums or for information on ordering!

Pentagon Aquarium Pricing Coming Soon Online, Please Call Or Email for a Quote!

Square Aquariums

Custom Aquariums' square aquariums work beautifully for viewing in the middle of the room and make suitable habitats for species such as jellyfish! Perfectly four-sided, our square-shaped or cube aquariums are great for viewing species up close, and are an excellent exhibition choice for museums, offices, waiting areas and more! Please see our All Aquarium Sizes and Prices chart to compare some of our available square-shaped cube aquarium sizes!

Contact Us for Customization Options

Do you want help designing your dream custom aquarium? Give us a call for customer service! The experts at Custom Aquariums can help you every step of the way in the customization process for your hexagon, pentagon or square tank.

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