Square & Cube Aquariums

Perfectly four-sided, our square or cube aquariums are great for viewing species up close and are an excellent exhibition choice for museums, offices, waiting areas, and more! Please see our All Aquarium Sizes and Prices Chart to compare some of our available square-shaped cube aquarium sizes!

Contact Us for Customization Options for Your Square Aquariums And Cube Aquariums

Do you want help designing your dream custom square aquariums or cube aquariums? Give us a call today for customer service! The experts at Custom Aquariums can help you every step of the way in the customization process of your hexagon, pentagon, or square fish tanks. Our square aquariums and cube aquariums will entertain spectators of all ages and can even be placed in the middle of the room so you can walk around and enjoy watching aquatic animals and various fish species thriving in their habitat. Additionally, you will find that our square fish tanks have customization options of all kinds, including many paint and stain colors, various types of elegant or modern-looking woods, and more! Use our aquarium configurator to build your square aquariums and cube fish tanks in just minutes!

Rectangle Aquarium Pricing Calculator


Ready to dive into the details? Configure your custom dimensions with our Aquarium Configurator.