Half Land – Half Water Aquariums

Our Half Land – Half Water Aquarium Features:

  • Glass or acrylic sliding front, side, or back door options
  • Seamless Sump complete filtration available with H2Overflows and Siphon Stopper outputs
  • Keyed lock for security
  • Marine-grade aluminum framework with minimal gaps so crickets can’t escape
  • Printed backgrounds available, including land/water themes
  • Multiple options for water depth
  • Glass lids can be partially ventilated with cricket-proof perforated aluminum
  • Sliding doors on top of the tank are available
  • Custom wood materials and finishes available for stands and canopies

Benefits of Half Land – Half Water Terrariums

Customize The Land to Water Ratio

48x72x24 105 Gallon Custom Class Amphibious Aquarium

The bottom half holds water, while the top half is great for viewing and giving your plants and animals dry space with easy access! The half land – half water feature is not limited to just 50% land and 50% water. We can alter the water depth for you. For example, you can order a customized aquarium with 20% water and 80% land for pets that are mainly land-dwelling animals. These aquariums make perfect turtle tanks, as well as terrariums for other amphibians and reptiles such as caimans, snakes, and chameleons.

Sliding Doors

Now, any of our standard aquariums can become amphibious tanks with sliding front, back, or side doors. By not having to reach in from the top, you have easier access to your animal and more convenient maintenance. But depending on your preference, sliding doors are also available on top of the tank.

Stands and Canopies

We build our durable Majestic stands and canopies to keep your unit sturdy and conceal aquarium accessories like heat lamps, wires, the Seamless Sump®, overflow systems, filter systems, tubing, baffle tubs, and reservoir tubs. The Majestic stand and canopy make your amphibious aquarium look professional and are available in various custom wood materials and finishes.

Vibrant Aquarium Backgrounds

We can craft your half land – half water tank with your choice of background, brilliantly colored to make your tank stand out! You can see our background images and other decor here, or you can request a custom-printed image unique to you!

How to Get Started Today!

Please call us for a quote at (844) 244-8265, or start building your Custom Aquarium today!

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