180 Gallon* Wide Glass Aquarium

180 Gallon* Wide Glass Aquarium Details

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This large 180 gallon aquarium gives you a lot of room to hold large fish or create a formidable aquascape. At an impressive six feet long, this fish tank boasts a beautiful wide-angle view.


Our Aquarium Packages are highly customizable. The images shown are for illustrative purposes only. Our sales representatives will go over all available options with you.

Configure Options

Height 24 in
Length 72 in
Depth 24 in
Model Gallons


Actual Gallons


Sump Max Capacity

46.3 Gallons

Sump Ideal Functioning Volume

37.8 Gallons

Glass Thickness

Aquarium Type


Aquarium Package Options


The Aquarium Packages above are specifically designed for our 180-gallon glass fish tank. Redundancy and other safety measures are already taken into account, optimizing the following features:

  • Circulation
  • Aeration
  • Water Flow
  • Skimming capacity
  • Surface area of biofiltration

The fish tank and filter is a passive, gravity-fed system with redundant pumps for a low maintenance, efficient, and reliable setup.

We offer multiple packages from Basic to Ultimate (described below). See which package provides the best value to set up your freshwater, saltwater, reef, or marine aquarium! And remember, the higher the package level, the higher the savings!

Plus, if you order it with a custom aquarium stand, you’ll receive a LIFETIME Warranty on your aquarium.

The Fish Tank

(72″L x 24″W x 24″H)

The 180-gallon fish tank is made from 1/2″ glass with our patented frame on the top and bottom of the tank. The frame is made from high-strength black anodized aluminum.

Rigorous quality control goes into every Custom Aquarium. We remove integrity-compromising micro-fractures by beveling and polishing every edge of every piece of glass. We also use a black, high-strength silicone that is 5x stronger than common clear aquarium silicone.


The Basic Package

The Basic package includes everything you need to connect a sump filter to your aquarium. It includes (1) Stealthbox® overflow box, (2) H2Overflow® screens, and (2) Siphon Stopper® return nozzles. Holes for the overflows and returns are drilled in the back of the tank so you can use a low-maintenance, gravity-fed sump system much less likely to fail or flood.


The Deluxe Package

The Deluxe Package adds a 2400GPH 50 Seamless Sump filter system. The sump system will hold around 37.8 gallons of water bringing your system volume to 204.8 gallons.

Seamless Sump tubs are made of durable high-density polyethylene and have no seams that can leak or fail.

This Seamless Sump system includes (2) Sicce 2.0 return pumps for redundant returns if one fails. Also included are a UV sterilizer, bio media, Purigen, filter socks, and all the return and overflow hoses.


The Ultimate Package

The Ultimate Package includes substrate, plants, heater, bubble wand, air pump, and cleaning supplies. This is the fastest way to get everything you need to get your new aquarium up and running.


The Majestic® Stand

To get a lifetime warranty on your aquarium, include a custom-built Majestic® Stand with your tank (pictured above). Choose a powder-coated steel tube stand or a hardwood cabinet with a matching canopy! Hardwood stands and canopies are available in various styles, woods, and colors.

Our Majestic® stands are built to last a lifetime, so we never use cardboard, fiberboard, particleboard, or softwood.

The steel stand is made from high-strength square tube steel welded into a single solid piece. The whole frame is finished with a durable oven-cured powder coating. It also has a 3/4″ plywood top that’s painted to match the black powder coating.