Reservoir Tub

Seamless Sump® Reservoir Tub

The patent-pending Seamless Sump® Reservoir tub can be either a great compliment to the baffle tub to add water volume for evaporation or refugium use or a stand-alone sump for any hobbyist to create their own system.

Seamless Sump® Reservoir Tub:

Key Features

  • One piece molded construction – no seams, no welds, no leaks!
  • Use as an evaporation tub, refugium tub, feeder fish tub, quarantine/medication tub, or simply to add water volume to the entire system
  • Use to compliment the sock tub or baffle tub or as a stand-alone sump or refugium system
  • Glass lid won’t yellow or curl, great for UV plant lights
  • Easily fabricate holes for tubing, bulkheads, etc. to the top or sides of the tub
  • Pre-molded pilot hole dimples ensure consistent spacing and easy fabrication for a multitude of configurations
  • Recirculation tee in line with Reservoir pump allows controlled reservoir circulation without investing in another pump
  • Made from HDPE, a material far superior to acrylic or glass for this use

Key Features

  • Same features and benefits of the standard reservoir tub
  • Slightly smaller footprint allows more tubs in smaller stands
  • HDPE construction has no welds, no seams, no leaks!
  • Great for evaporation or refugium use
  • Glass lid will not warp or turn yellow

Connect Them Low

The water in the reservoir tub will equalize with the right half of the baffle tub/pump area and behave like an extension of the evaporation area of the baffle tank. This also adds water volume to dilute the harmful nitrates and prolongs the time you need to worry about the pumps running out of water due to evaporation. The more water volume you can add to your overall system, the more significantly you increase the time-lapse between water changes. Additional water volume also makes it easier to control your salt-to-water ratios.

Reservoir Sump Low Configuration
Low Bulkhead Equilibrium Connection
High Evaporation Capacity

Connect Them High

The water will not equalize past the height of the connecting bulkhead, therefore the reservoir tank will stay full even when the evaporation/pump chamber of the baffle tank water level gets low. In this configuration, the reservoir tank will behave more like a refugium tank. This configuration has many possible uses, such as growing live plants, live rock, feeder fish, even a quarantine/medication tank so long as you control cross-contamination with the other tubs while the fish are being quarantined.

Reservoir Sump High Configuration
High Bulkhead Equilibrium Connection
High Refugium Capacity

Great for the Do-It-Youself Hobbyist

Have a sump design idea of your own? The Seamless Sump® Reservoir Tub is a great starting point for the do-it-yourself hobbyist to create your system. The pre-molded pilot hole dimples and flat surfaces on various heights and positions of the tub allow you to fabricate a wide variety of plumbing configurations easily. The HDPE one-piece molded construction is a far better solution than glass or welded acrylic for this application. The recessed glass lid is a particularly great feature that will not warp or turn yellow with UV plant lights. The Seamless Sump® reservoir tub is a much better starting point than purchasing a glass or acrylic aquarium or a Tupperware container that wasn’t really designed to be a sump.

Reservoir VS Refugium Configuration

The height at which a bulkhead hole is drilled and the tubs are connected will determine if the reservoir tub behaves as an evaporation tub or a refugium tub. Add a recirculation tee in line with one of your pumps, and you can keep your reservoir water from being stagnant without the investment in another pump.