Return & Refund Policy Limited Lifetime Warranty / 90 Day Limited Warranty / Limited Liability Agreement

Aquariums 75 Gallons and larger purchased from are under warranty against leaks or cracks due to defects in the materials or workmanship for Lifetime. Aquariums under 75 Gallons are warrantied for 90 days. The following conditions apply:

For the aquarium to be found defective the following stipulations must be met: the aquarium must be placed and filled on a level, appropriately sized aquarium stand manufactured by Lifetime Aquariums® / A premium cellular foam pad purchased from Lifetime Aquariums® / must be used between the entire floor of the aquarium and stand. Aquariums placed on customer built stands are not covered under warranty in any circumstance. The aquarium has not been lifted or carried by the frame or while wet or filled with water or any materials such as decorations or substrate, or the aquarium and aquarium stand may not be altered in any way including drilling additional holes or used for anything other than their original manufactured purpose of typical fish aquarium use. Aquarium must not be chipped or damaged, or the silicone altered in any way. Photos may be required to be supplied by the customer to verify these stipulations are met to claim a warranty. If aquariums are chipped upon delivery this must be claimed immediately in writing on the bill of lading and notice must be given to in writing within 24 hours when receiving the items. Any damage not claimed on the bill of lading will be assumed the customers responsibility. Chipping of aquariums and consequences resulting is not covered under any warranty. The warranty applies only to the original owner who purchased the aquarium from

Should the aquarium be found defective, the customer must return the aquarium at their cost to manufacturing facility in Neenah, Wi. The condition it arrives at the Neenah, Wi facility is the condition that will be evaluated for a warranty claim. The aquarium will be either replaced or repaired at the manufacturers discretion. Custom Aquariums will replace free of charge if it is demonstrated to Custom Aquariums satisfaction with digital photos that the failure was due to a manufacturers defect. This warranty is limited to replacement/repair of the aquarium only. This warranty does not cover loss of fish, personal injury, property loss, or other damage arising out of the use of the aquarium.

Majestic Canopy / Stand Limited Warranty

Majestic® stands and canopies are warrantied for 1 year from manufactures defect and workmanship. For the stand or canopy to be defective, the following stipulations must be met: The stand or canopy must be used on a level floor surface, unaltered including the drilling of additional holes. The aquarium canopy / stand must be used in a typical aquarium fish use fashion. Aquariums are not warrantied from wear and tear, including fading from the sun, or from water damage, mold, or mildew. It is the customers responsibility to create conditions in which will prevent water damage, mold or mildew. Separation of the seams due to improperly removing the canopy and applying excessive force to the joints is not covered under warranty. Aquarium canopy / stands are not intended for outdoor use. Outdoor use will void any warranty.

Should the Canopy / Stand be found defective, the customer must return the canopy / stand at their cost to manufacturing facility in Neenah, Wi. The condition it arrives at the Neenah, Wi facility is the condition that will be evaluated for a warranty claim. The stand / canopy will be either replaced or repaired at the manufacturers discretion. The customer may pick up the stand / canopy at the manufacturers location without charge, or have the items shipped at the cost of the customer. The cost will consist of freight charges plus crating and labor. This warranty is limited to replacement/repair of the canopy / stand only. This warranty does not cover loss of fish, personal injury, property loss, or damage arising out of the use of the aquarium. Return Policy

Aquarium / Hood / Canopy Returns/Cancellations:

All aquariums, canopies, and stands whether it be special, standard, or custom category, are built to order and can not be returned or canceled for any reason. If an aquarium order, stand, or canopy order is canceled prior or during production and prior to shipping and the aquarium is an unaltered common package special configuration, a full or partial refund may be given at the discretion of management however this partial or full refund is not guaranteed. If the customer refuses to cooperate with arranging delivery and/or refuses delivery it is the responsibility of the customer to pay for and arrange for pickup of the products from the facility in Neenah, WI. As well as pay for any surcharges due to refused delivery. Lead times are estimates only – many factors can contribute to faster or slower actual ship dates. Late delivery does not entitle any orders to a refund.

Damaged / Refused Delivery Aquariums / Stands / Canopies:

It is the customers responsibility to thoroughly inspect all shipments prior to receiving delivery and/or signing the bill of lading. This includes opening the lid of the crate and inspecting the items inside prior to accepting shipment regardless of the condition of the crate itself. Should a customer receive an item with non-repairable damage they are to refuse delivery and clearly document the damage on the bill of lading and with digital photographs. must be notified in writing of the damage with a copy of the bill of lading showing the documented damage as well as with digital photos within 24 hours or receiving or refusing the shipment. Should the damage appear to be repairable and/or able to be remedied through shipping replacement parts, the customer may accept the shipment at their own risk, however they still must notify in writing via email of the damage within 24 hours with documentation clearly written on the bill of lading and with digital photos. For any of the above scenarios, should be denied damage claim due to insufficient documentation by the customer, the customer is responsible for the costs to remedy the damage.

Accessory Returns/Cancellations:

All non aquarium / stand / canopy accessory items may be returned within 30 days for a refund less the shipping and handling and a 25% restocking fee. Items must be unopened and not used. Damaged shipments should be refused or clearly documented on the bill of lading prior to signing. Digital pictures and written notice of damage must be provided to within 24 hours of receiving the shipment. If a damage claim is rejected due to insufficient documentation by the customer, the customer will be responsible for the damaged items. All liability and warranty issues for products not manufactured by are the responsibility of and must be handled directly with the manufacturer of the product.

Production Lead Times:

Lead times posted on our web site are estimates only and are subject to change. If fast track option is selected and the delivery is late at the fault of, the Fast-Track surcharge will be refunded. Late shipments do not warrant a refund or early cancelation of custom orders for any reason, including if the items are delayed by circumstances such as production flaws that require re-work, weather, delay by the freight company, the customer not home or communicating with Custom Aquariums or the freight company to arrange delivery, acts of god etc. no refund will be given.

Suction Cup / Moving Kit Refunds:

There will be a pre-paid return label included with suction cup rentals as well as packaging for returning the suction cups. The pre-paid return label is valid for three weeks starting the day the package leaves the facility. After three weeks the return label will no longer be valid and the customer must pay to return the suction cups. There will also be a $1 per day per suction cup rental fee for suction cups not returned within the three weeks.

Terms and Payment:

All terms in this return policy are continuous. Customer is bound by these terms for all current and future orders. Payment is due in advanced before any products are produced or shipped. If any extended payment terms are granted or a chargeback is filed with the credit card processor, there will be a 1½% per month service charge for any balance beyond the agreed upon payment date until the payment is received in full, plus a $100 charge for processing the chargeback. All provisions listed in this policy override any other provisions listed in the customer’s purchase order or any other document. This policy shall be construed under the laws of the State of Wisconsin without regarding to its choice of law provisions and the parties agree that any action relating to this policy shall be Instituted and prosecuted in the courts of Winnebago County, Wisconsin and each party waive the right to change of venue. The undersigned customer also agrees if a law suit is brought forth against for any reason and no substantial judgment is awarded to the customer, is entitled to reimbursement from the customer of any and all legal fees incurred as a result of the lawsuit.

Limited Liability Agreement: All aquariums and related systems have an inherent risk of failure, leaking, or flooding. Adam’s Specialty Products, LLC (ASP) is not responsible for any loss of fish, personal injury or death, property loss, or damage arising out of use of aquarium, failure of an aquarium for any reason, including failure due to manufacturing defects, or failure of any of the various components including but not limited to filtration, heating, lighting, and other electrical systems. It is the responsibility of the customer to carry insurance that covers any consequences of flooding or leaking or failure for the above described incidents as well as pay the deductible on any such claim which will not hold ASP liable if such an event occurs. It is the responsibility of the customer to take measures of placing their aquarium in a properly designed location with adequate floor drainage to limit the risk of damage due to flooding, leaking, or failure and to assess the structural integrity of the location to ensure it is strong enough to support the heavy weights of the aquarium. ASP is not responsible for fire or electrical risks associated with any product. Be sure to follow all manufactures recommendations and ratings, and only plug aquarium equipment into GFCI rated outlets and be sure to turn off all electrical equipment prior to servicing the aquarium., Lifetime Aquariums, are business units / brands of Adam's Specialty Products, LLC a Limited Liability Company.

The fact that you received this order confirmation means you agree to the terms and conditions on the web site and are bound by the terms and conditions of the policies, warranties, and limited liability agreement listed above.