Sliding Top Doors, Quality Engineered

glass tanks with aluminum and glass top-sliding doors

We offer more than just custom fish tanks: We engineer aquariums for reptile displays, too!

Any rectangular aquarium can have sliding doors added to the top of the tank and can be made of almost any of our panel materials.

Is a sliding top door right for your tank? Read further or reach out to our customer support team!

Sliding Top Door Key Features:

  • Many Materials Available – Stainless steel wire, perforated aluminum, glass, and more.
  • Removable for easy cleaning, feeding, and adding decor.
  • Comes with keyed lock – Escape proof when closed and locked.
  • Cricket proof when used with perforated aluminum

Please Note: We use a different frame for aquariums with sliding-top doors, so this option must be selected before manufacturing begins. For paludariums, you may include sliding front doors and top doors on the same tank (Extra charges apply. Contact us for a quote).

If you want an aquarium with sliding-top doors to hold water, please specify because we need to include cross supports, much like a standard aquarium. Sliding-top door aquariums don’t come standard with cross supports and are only intended to hold a few inches of water. This will also result in more sliding doors, increasing the cost.

If you have any questions or want a quote for a tank with sliding top doors, don’t hesitate to reach out.