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Dennis’ 300 Gallon Custom Glass Aquarium

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"I am extremely pleased with the aquarium. I have absolutely no trouble. Your customer service has been outstanding. I would highly recommend to anyone interested in such as aquarium to look this company up, because I am very highly satisfied."
- Dennis Henke

Dennis purchased his custom glass aquarium from Custom Aquariums for the coral reef aquarium he wanted to have in his home. The set up includes a 300-gallon glass aquarium, contemporary black Majestic cabinet stand and canopy, and the complete Custom Aquariums Seamless Sump® filter system with H2Overflow® screens and Siphon Stopper® emitters.

Dennis filtration also includes an external plumbed protein skimmer and a large ultraviolet sterilizer. The lighting is provided by a high-output LED lighting system.

Dennis' reef aquarium system is simple, easy to maintain and can grow the less demanding soft corals and organisms that grow on the live rock. With a few additional pieces of equipment like more intense lighting, a calcium reactor and supplement dosing system, Dennis' reef aquarium would be able to grow the more difficult stony corals.

Thank you Dennis for choosing for your reef aquarium.