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Mike’s 75-gallon Angelfish Display

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Mike purchased a custom 75-gallon tank with stand and canopy from CustomAquariums.

Through our experience in the pet enclosure manufacturing industry it was a natural fit for us to do aquarium services as well, not only as a way to expand our business, but as a way to continually stay in touch with the needs of our customers. Thus, Serenity Aquarium and Aviary Services ( was born. Currently, the service division of our business service hundreds of aquarium accounts all over the country ongoing and employs dozens of professional service technicians, some of which have 25+ years individual experience servicing and maintaining aquariums. Some of our full time professional service technicians are among the most well-known experts in the industry when it comes to the care and maintenance of aquariums.

Through our experience in the service business and our attention to detail creating a low hassle, low maintenance service for our customers, we soon discovered that a lot of the commercially available aquarium products on the market were lacking in quality and are not engineered for a long term customer satisfaction and reliability experience. Tanks would look sloppy over time, parts would wear out, and maintenance was not as simple as it could be. We found most products on the market were built to be cheap, have high long term costs of consumables, and wear out. We knew we could do better.