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Nate’s 300 Gallon Reef

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Custom Aquariums cut the glass for Nate's full-length overflow, and the glass pieces for his bean-style external overflow box. Nate has previously worked in the commercial aquarium installation and maintenance industry.

From Nate: "I am impressed by how affordable the tank is and getting the tank to me from halfway across the country for a price I am OK with. When it arrived...the QUALITY! More than what I expected. The silicone is really beefy. I clean my glass with a razor blade, and I do not worry about damaging the seals on the tank. Custom Aquariums makes a great aquarium. I love mine!"

At Custom Aquariums, we are dedicated to the quality production of customized aquariums, built based on the specifications of the customer! If you have questions about ordering an aquarium, please contact us today! We are happy to serve you!