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Ray’s 240-Gallon Marine Display

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Ray has a 240-gallon marine fish display in his home. The set up includes a Lifetime Aquarium, Majestic stand and canopy, Seamless Sump filter system, H2Overflow and Siphon Stopper emitters.

If you have questions regarding our customized aquariums, Lifetime Aquarium services, Majestic stand and canopies, Seamless Sump filtration systems, H2 Overflows, Siphon Stoppers, glass fabrication, aquarium accessories, and more, please reach out to us today! You can also look into our aquarium configurator, which allows you to order your aquarium online!

Ray's aquarium configuration is a saltwater display, complete with wrasses, tangs and more! We can provide you services for aquarium delivery, installation, leasing, and even give tips on fish species' behavior, diet and adaptability. Saltwater tanks require much work to maintain, and the tank must be cleaned every couple weeks or so. Please inquire about aquarium cleaning services today!