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Ryan’s 300 Gallon Custom Glass Aquarium

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This 300-gallon custom glass aquarium and filter system from Custom Aquariums has been three years in planning. Ryan has made a LOT of modifications on the filter system to accommodate the unique requirements for a reef aquarium of this size.

The Seamless Sump® filter system is designed to be adaptable, permitting creative plumbing solutions to be applied for any situation. The modular design of the filter system provides a level of flexibility that an all-in-one sump system does not.

Ryan's filter begins when water leaves the tank through two H2Overflow® screens into a 4-sock Sock Tub that he custom drilled to permit a higher rate of flow than it is initially rated for. (We love it when we are taught something about our own systems!) The water then passes into the Baffle Tub, which Ryan has hard-piped with 1.5" PVC to two Reservoir Tubs. The large pipes and custom plumbing is needed for this tanks very high flow rate provided by an external pump that pushes in excess of 2800 gph. Typically, we would suggest a three-overflow system for a rate that high, but Ryan's custom modifications to the filter system make it work.