Advanced Aquarium Engineering

How Aquariums Are Made

Over the last two decades, advancements in our aquarium engineering have made the classic Custom Aquarium even better.

Our fish tanks have never been “one size fits all”. Each system is independently built to meet the unique needs of our customers.

Initially designed for our commercial service business (Serenity USA), these aquariums were too good not to share with everyone else. Thus, Custom Aquariums was born!

Now, you can have the same best-in-class aquarium that we use every day in our high-end commercial aquarium service business.

Proprietary Aquarium Frame System

Glass aquariums are typically braced using a solid plastic frame or glued glass braces but each method has drawbacks.

Plastic frames are common but prone to failure because they degrade over time. Glued glass braces rely on a thin layer of silicone which may not withstand the pressure of large tanks.

We employ marine-grade anodized aluminum for structural support, custom-fitted to each tank and reinforced with strong hardware. This aluminum frame provides superior strength and allows for easy removal of cross braces without compromising structural integrity.

The adhesive bond between the glass, silicone sealant, and aluminum frame ensures a robust system, making it a reliable choice for large aquariums.

Siphon Stopper Emitter

  • Minimizes flood risk during a power outage or pump failure
  • Air intake cap breaks a back siphon if the water flow stops
  • Easy installation; just drill a hole for a 1/2″ bulkhead, or we can do it for you!
  • Fixed drill position reduces the probability of human error
  • Works great with the Seamless Sump®
  • Doesn’t rely on check valves with gaskets or springs
  • Loc-Line knuckle allows many output options
  • Siphon Stopper® cap allows surface circulation and aeration
  • The cap rests above the waterline but below the lid to minimize evaporation
  • Adjust positions to control water circulation
  • Hardly visible in a completed fish tank
  • Clean, professional look – no “sloppy tank” syndrome

Watch the video to easily adjust the cap level of a Siphon Stopper Emitter!

H2Overflow Stealthbox Instructional Video

The H2Overflow Stealthbox is an external overflow box and manifold that lets you manage the flow for up to three H2Overflow screens. Read more and get your Stealthbox here!

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Lifetime Aquariums® – Cosmetic Appeal

At Custom Aquariums, we’ve committed our aquarium engineering to building highly durable tanks, but we also want them to look beautiful. So when you get your Lifetime Aquarium®, you get your dream fish tank that’ll last for years to come.

Kinda like having your cake and eating it too.

Each step, from cutting and polishing glass to shipment and assembly, is dedicated to enhancing the integrity and aesthetics of your fish tank.

Lifetime Aquariums® – Aquarium Engineering

Lifetime Aquariums® was born because we needed a more dependable system for our cleaning service division, Serenity USA.

So we went to work, engineering a complete filtration system, including the Seamless Sump®, H2Overflow® screen, and Siphon Stopper® emitter.

With the help of our seasoned engineers and best-in-class machinery, our fish tanks became the pinnacle of safety and durability.

We can also create tanks of various shapes and styles, like rectangle, hexagon, pentagon, and rimless designs.

Lifetime Aquariums® – Fabrication Techniques

At Custom Aquariums, we take a lot of pride in our aquarium engineering and use of the highest-quality materials, ensuring the safest, strongest, and most dependable aquariums.

We meticulously review tank specifications to guarantee safety and durability, from precision CNC cutting and glass polishing to automated drilling of filtration holes. Thorough cleaning with deionized water ensures optimal silicone adhesion for sealing the tank with our high-strength silicone sealant.

Our patented aluminum frame system ties it all together, providing a tight fit and optimal support, while careful attention to detail ensures each custom aquarium lasts a lifetime.

Lifetime Aquariums® – Materials

We use high-quality glass and cater each panel thickness to the specific tank size. Lifetime Aquariums are never made of acrylic, only glass.

Over decades of testing, we’ve found that acrylic has several downsides that glass mitigates.

For example, acrylic scratches easily, turns yellow over time, absorbs chemicals, and is damaged much easier during manufacturing and transport. Acrylic also has higher visual distortion and costs a LOT more than glass.