Aquarium Backgrounds

Please shop our available high-quality aquarium backgrounds below. We provide enamel backgrounds and reversible backgrounds, as well as other additional aquarium accessory products!
Sunken Treasure Background
Sunken Roots Background
Sea Cave at Sunset Background

Enamel Aquarium Backgrounds

Permanent sprayed-on background. These aquarium backgrounds are a permanent addition to your aquarium. A sprayed-on enamel background is a great way to hide all the unsightly cords and hoses behind your tank. No background coming loose or having to mess with tape or adhesives to keep the background on.

Reversible Aquarium Backgrounds

Conceals unsightly hoses and cords behind your aquarium. Sold by the foot and is easily cut to custom fit to your aquarium. Reversible aquarium backgrounds are 24″ tall.

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Showing all 3 results