Steel Stands

Steel Stand by Custom Aquariums

3/4″ Plywood Top (Painted for Aesthetics and Protection)
Thick tubular steel with clean, strong, professional welds

Competitor’s Steel Stand

Under-Engineered Stand
Raw and thin plywood top, thin steel

The Importance of a Steel Stand

Due to the extreme weight and pressure of a large fish tank, some aquariums require a welded steel stand.

Aquarium stands are often built based on educated guesses and are usually under-engineered for thousand-plus-pound fish tanks. Any sagging or deflection of the tank can cause immense stress on the silicone joints. This is so important because only a small failure can cause massive issues for an aquarium.

Custom Aquariums’ Steel Stands

There is no guesswork with our steel stands. We create SOLID foundations comprised of extremely thick steel tubes and meticulous welding processes.

Typically, when we’re presented with lower-price comparisons for other stands, they’re not properly engineered. Customers get the impression that they’re well covered because, after all, it’s welded steel. But there’s a big difference between a stand with adequate thickness and spacing and one that’s under-engineered with thin tubes and an improper quantity of uprights.

Focus on Quality Over Cost

For many of the price comparisons we see, the market rate of the required steel is more than what they charge for their entire stand. The highest cost of a welded stand is for the steel itself… so if there’s a suspiciously cheap one, it usually means they’re using dangerously less steel with thinner tubes, fewer uprights, or both.

It’s easy to charge a lower price using thin steel, but we don’t compromise a stand’s durability to compete on price. After all, when you get a Custom Aquarium (fish tank and stand), we warranty them for a LIFETIME!

LIFETIME® Stand Warranty

We strive to make each Custom Aquarium last a lifetime! Any tank sold with a Majestic® Stand or Steel Stand comes with a LIFETIME limited warranty. To qualify for the LIFETIME® warranty, you must get a stand with your fish tank. This way, we can verify that the fish tank will rest on a properly engineered base.