All Aquarium Standard Sizes

We have many reef and freshwater aquarium sizes to choose from! Try our new Pricing Calculator below! Don’t see the size you want? Give our aquarium experts a call, and they’ll happily give you a price quote and help configure filtration and accessory options for your needs. Interested in other shapes for your aquarium? Visit our cube fish tanks, pentagon fish tanks, and hexagon fish tanks pages.

Our saltwater and freshwater configurations are excellent for many aquatic animal tanks such as: eel tanks, moon jellyfish aquariums, octopus and squid tanks, seahorse tanks, shark tanks and large aquariums, stingray touch tanks, tang aquariums, triggerfish aquariums, and even coral aquariums.

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Rectangle Aquarium Pricing Calculator


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Optimized Glass Thickness

All our standard, special aquarium sizes and amphibian aquariums now have optimized engineering to determine the minimum thickness required for each panel of glass. Therefore, instead of a one-size-fits-all formula, we optimize every panel in the aquarium based on engineering standards. For example, if you go from a 24“H x 72“L x 24”D to a 24“H x 96“L x 24”D aquarium, just because you made it longer does not mean you need thicker side panels, just a thicker front, back, and bottom. Most other aquarium manufacturers automatically increase the thickness of every aquarium panel just because one panel needs to be thicker, or they skimp on all panels because they don’t want to upgrade just some of them. Our professional engineers used advanced pressure rating formulas to optimize every standard aquarium size to have a minimum safety factor of 2.3 (standard in the industry as a minimum, ours are even stronger because of the aluminum frame system). Some of the below are as great as 3.5. Using this technique, we can achieve the highest strength at the lowest cost – so don’t be surprised if our prices and weights are a lot better than other aquariums out there of the same size. But, of course, these are minimum standards. You are always free to upgrade any panel for any reason for additional peace of mind; they just cannot be downgraded from the aquarium size configurations below.

Shipping and Lead Times

Please see more information about lead times for Standard, Special, FastTrack, and Tempered aquariums and shipping information.

Special: Our most popular aquarium standard size and best value for your dollar. Custom material options are also available, even for our discounted specials. We also have pre-configured décor, filtration, and canopy/stand packages available at a discounted price. Tempering any type, special or standard, will add to your lead time.

Standard: These sizes are made to order but use typically in-stock materials and are in common increments that we can manufacture in an efficient lead time. These sizes will be a slightly better value for your dollar than the custom sizes. Tempering any size will add to your lead time.

Material: 3/8″, 1/2″, 5/8″, 3/4″, all four are available in regular or ultra-clear clarity, as well as tempered and non-tempered. Please visit our Lifetime Aquariums® informational page to find out more about our material options.