Aquariums For Hospitals, Hospital Fish Tanks

Why are so many hospitals investing in Custom Aquariums for their waiting rooms?

While our aquariums look beautiful in a hospital waiting room, they can also offer mental and physical benefits for patients waiting for their appointment. Moreover, we can also clean your fish tank, saving your staff the time and effort of maintaining a full-size aquarium.

Read further to learn about our aquarium styles, products, and hassle-saving aquarium services.

Custom-Built Aquariums for Hospitals

At Custom Aquariums, we create custom glass aquariums for hospitals. These aquariums are durable, safe, and beautiful. In fact, we offer many shapes, styles, and sizes to choose from. Whether your hospital is looking for a square, pentagon, hexagon, rimless, or amphibious aquarium, you and your team can help us customize it.

We offer both saltwater aquariums and freshwater aquariums, which are crafted by our team of expert engineers. After your team has decided on the type, shape, and style of the aquarium, you can choose a stand that will support your hospital aquarium. Our stands come in finishes like 100% hardwood, powder-coated steel, and aluminum. Different paint and stain options are also available, letting you perfectly match your interior.

The best part about choosing us for your hospital fish tank is that no other hospital will have one just like it. The customization of your hospital aquarium will make it stand out and our innovative products help it last a lifetime.

Accessories for Hospital Fish Tanks & Aquariums

Now that your team has decided on the style, size, and stand of your hospital aquarium, you can select from our extra accessories. Some of these include:

  • Backgrounds
  • Glass lids
  • Filters
  • Pumps
  • Protein skimmers
  • Racks
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Seamless Sump

Our fish tanks for hospitals are truly one of a kind, as they will not lose their clarity or scratch easily. This gives you and your patients the best view possible.

Our hospital aquariums are not mass-produced on a production line. We use only the highest quality materials and fabrication techniques in the industry. So, our engineers pay close attention to detail and craft each part with precision.

Hospital Aquarium Shapes And Styles

Our custom aquariums can be configured into many orientations. You’ll find some of our standard hospital aquarium designs below:

Our glass hospital aquariums come in many shapes, sizes, and styles. But, our most popular design is the Majestic. The Majestic Aquarium stands can be designed with classic wood or contemporary (black or white) finishes. You can also request a different color stain to better tailor your aquarium design. Each glass fish tank for hospitals is built with optimized glass thickness to match your stand, canopy, and size of the aquarium.

Still deciding? Watch some of our video testimonials to get an idea of how customized these aquariums for hospitals can get. Our clients appreciate our detail; not only in the creation of the aquarium, but also in the communication during the ordering, shipping, and installation process.

Serenity Aquarium Services for Hospitals

Custom Aquariums works with our sister company, Serenity Aquarium Services, to provide installation, cleaning, and maintenance on aquariums for hospitals. We have over a thousand service accounts, covering 40 states across the US. Our team is always here to offer assistance throughout the life of your aquarium. It does not cost as much as you think and it saves you and your team a lot of time and effort.

Ongoing Aquarium Services:

Listed below are just a few of our aquarium services activities:

  • Health inspection and care of aquarium(s)
  • Replacement of fish and accessories
  • Removal of excess fish if necessary
  • Cleaning and sanitizing of fish tank
  • Recommendations on feeding and fish types.

If you are interested in purchasing an aquarium, please browse our glass aquariums. If you have any questions about our aquarium services, contact us today for more details on how to configure your own fish tank and service package.

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