Paludariums and Amphibious Tanks

Paludariums You Can’t Find Anywhere Else

  • Glass or acrylic sliding doors (front, side, or back).
  • Seamless Sump® filtration with H2Overflows® and Siphon Stopper® outputs.
  • Keyed lock for security.
  • Professional marine-grade aluminum frame with minimal gaps.
  • Printed backgrounds, including land/water themes.
  • Water depth options.
  • Glass lids can be partially ventilated with perforated aluminum.
  • Option for sliding doors on top of the tank.
  • Multiple woods and finishes for stands and canopies.

Rectangle Aquarium Pricing Calculator


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Unique Sliding Door Feature

Our standard amphibious aquariums can have sliding doors on the front, back, or side for easy access to the habitat. This cuts out the hassle of removing the top of the tank when you need to reach into it.

The bottom of the paludarium tank holds water, while the top half is great for viewing the display and giving your plants and animals a place to stay dry.

Amphibian Aquariums Removable Sliding Doors

Half Land & Half Water Customization

Our amphibious tanks combine the best features of aquariums and vivariums. They make excellent habitats for turtles, caimans, snakes, and chameleons, to name a few.

We call them “half-land, half-water” aquariums, but are not limited to a 50/50 setup. For example, you could opt for 75% land, 25% water for animals that are mostly land dwellers but need some water to thrive.

We combine superior engineering, materials, and fabrication techniques to create each Custom Aquarium, and you can design your own paludarium today!

How to Design Your Amphibious Tank

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