Aquariums For Doctors Offices, Doctors Office Fish Tanks

Our team of skilled engineers can create your doctor’s office a beautiful, durable glass aquarium. We offer many shapes, styles, and sizes for your doctors office aquariums. Whether your team of doctors are looking for a square, pentagon, hexagon, rimless, or half land half water aquariums, we can custom build your glass aquarium today. Our aquariums for doctors’ offices can be either a saltwater aquarium or freshwater aquarium. They are engineered precisely to the specific design your team chooses. In addition, to picking the size and style of your glass fish aquarium, you team of doctors can choose the type of stand your doctors office aquariums is connected to. We offer many stains and finishes such as maple or solid oak to name a few. No matter which saltwater or freshwater aquarium your team configures, no other doctor’s office will have one like yours. Our complete customization of glass aquariums and glass doctor’s office fish tanks are truly unmatched and will last a lifetime.

Doctors Office Fish Tanks And Aquariums

Once your team of doctors has finished configuring your doctors office aquariums by style, size, and glass thickness, you can choose from an array of accessories such as backgrounds, glass lids, cleaning supplies, filters, pumps, protein skimmers, racks, our Seamless Sump, and more. Our engineers use only the highest quality materials and fabrication techniques in the industry to build your custom glass aquarium. They are safe, strong, dependable and a beautiful addition for your patients to observe in the waiting room. Our aquariums for doctors offices are one of a kind and will not lose their clarity or scratch easily like acrylic aquariums. In addition, our glass aquariums for doctors offices are not mass produced on a production line because we pay attention to detail and precision. Your doctors office fish tanks will last a lifetime. You can get started by configuring your own doctor’s office aquarium below.

Doctor’s Office Aquarium Shapes And Styles

The glass doctors office aquariums come in many shapes, styles and sizes. We have many lines, but our most popular are the Majestic aquariums and Hybrid/Stackable aquariums. The Majestic Aquariums are designed to your order as classic looking with wood finishes or contemporary with black paint finish. You can choose from many paints and wood stains for your canopy and stand on your doctor’s office aquarium. The Hybrid/Stackable aquariums are made to have easy assembly and stackable. They come with removable sliding doors that make maintenance easy. The Hybrid glass aquariums for doctors’ offices are also available in many colors and stains. Your team of physicians will not be disappointed with the result of your doctor’s office fish tank. In addition, our glass aquariums are built to order in the USA. To start configuring your own glass fish tank, contact us today.

Please watch our customer testimonial videos if you are seriously considering a purchase of one of our doctors office fish tanks. You will be able to see first-hand the quality and options available to you when you configure one of your own doctor’s office aquariums! Please reach out to us today if you’re looking for your own customized aquarium and have a specific customization in mind.

Serenity Aquarium Services

Custom Aquariums works with our sister company, Serenity Aquarium Services to provide installation and maintenance services for aquariums and fish tanks. We have over a thousand service accounts in over 14 states. Our team is always here to help with your fish tank or aquarium as we work with our customers directly during the installation and after purchase phases. It does not cost as much as you think and we will even come and clean your glass aquarium for you.

Ongoing Aquarium Services: Health inspection and care of aquarium(s), replacement of fish and accessories, removal of excess fish if necessary, cleaning and sanitizing of fish tank, and recommendations on feeding and fish types.

If you are interested in purchasing an aquarium, please browse our glass aquariums, or if you have any questions please, contact us today for more details on how to configure your own fish tank.