Frog Aquariums – Custom Frog Tanks

Custom Aquariums offers large frog aquariums in pentagon, square, or hexagon shapes. When you order large freshwater frog tanks, you will see they are made with the highest quality glass in the industry. Our precision to detail and glass fabrication techniques that we use when designing our aquariums for frogs is second to none. Our glass frog tanks are made to order in the USA, therefore; they are not mass-produced on a production line. Our glass frog aquariums are extremely durable, beautiful, and made to last a lifetime. The best part about configuring a glass frog aquarium with us is no other business will have one just like yours. Our aquariums for frogs are particularly great for African frogs because of the design and size variations we offer.

Glass Frog Tanks & Aquariums

After your team has chosen the shape and size, you can choose from many accessories for your frog tanks that will make your aquarium run smoothly and efficiently. You can choose from many accessories for your glass frog aquariums such as glass lids, filters, pumps, protein skimmers, cleaning supplies, racks, and our Seamless Sump. In addition, to accessories, size, and shape, your team can pick from any type of Majestic Stand with a classic or contemporary finish. Each Majestic stand is made with solid oak or maple and is of furniture quality. Our frog tank stands come with removable sliding doors in the front that make maintenance easy. If you would like to customize a large freshwater frog tank for your home, office, zoo, museum, or pet store then contact us today, and one of our frog aquarium experts will help you.

Frog Aquarium Shapes and Styles

Stackable Lifetime Wall Units for Frog Aquariums

Our glass frog aquariums come in many sizes, shapes, and styles. We offer a variety of glass aquariums, our most popular option for zoos, pet stores, or businesses is our Stackable Lifetime Wall Units. This option is made to be stacked on top of each other, which is perfect for your pet store, zoo, or business display.

In the front, there are removable sliding doors that make it super easy to access your sump and other accessories you have on your frog aquarium. To go along with your stackable aquarium, we offer a multitude of colors and wood grain patterns for your selection. This style of frog tank is designed to handle a great amount of weight, so having a large freshwater aquarium is not a problem. The aluminum frame on the frog aquarium is made to last as the frame does not rust, chip or corrode easily. When it comes to aquariums for frogs, we have the resources to give you the type of frog tank your store needs. In addition, our glass frog aquariums are built to order and manufactured in the USA. Contact us today to start configuring your own glass shark tank or to learn more about re-seller opportunities.