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Saltwater Aquariums

Custom Aquariums has been in the saltwater aquarium-making industry for over twenty-five years, specializing in the customization of durable saltwater aquariums, freshwater tanks, amphibious aquariums and plaudariums, and more. The fish tank experts at our company each have years of experience to help you customize your own size and style of tank you’re looking for. When you go custom, you can rely on expert quality. Our saltwater aquarium engineers will design your saltwater aquariums with the highest quality materials and glass fabrication techniques.

Saltwater Aquariums — Examples of Our Work

Please see some examples of our aquarium configuration setups below. The possibilities for your saltwater aquariums are endless: whether you are looking for a saltwater fish tank, a freshwater planted tank, a coral-only reef tank, or an amphibious paludarium, we’ve got you covered. Custom configure your own dream tank today!

Custom Saltwater Aquariums – Sizes & Customization Options

The saltwater aquariums ordered through Custom Aquariums can come in a variety of shapes and styles, including square, pentagon, hexagon, and rimless. In addition, we can customize your aquarium for amphibian species and turtles, in our unique, land and water paludarium configuration. You can also order accessories along with your saltwater aquarium, including filtering supplies, protein skimmers, bulkheads and fittings, plants, substrates, racks, stands and canopies, and more. The great news is that when you go custom, you can order as much or as little as you need!

Saltwater Aquarium Package Specials

Whether you’re an experienced aquarist, or someone who is brand new to the hobby, we can help! Custom Aquariums can walk you through the online configuration process, where you can specify your aquarium’s dimensions, canopy/stand type and finish, background, filtration setup, plants and substrate, caster wheels for ease of transportation, accessories, etc. With your new custom aquarium, you can enjoy the exciting process of aquascaping, adding water, introducing fish, growing coral, and more! There are many species of saltwater fish for you to choose from. Among the most popular types of saltwater aquariums are coral reef tanks, tang aquariums, triggerfish displays, seahorse tanks, eel aquariums, and jellyfish displays. See all of our saltwater aquarium package specials below.

Saltwater Fish Tanks – Testimonials

Ray’s 240-Gallon Marine Display

Ray has a 240-gallon marine fish display in his home. The set up includes a Lifetime Aquarium, Majestic stand and canopy, Seamless Sump filter system, H2Overflow and Siphon Stopper emitters.

Ray’s aquarium configuration is a saltwater display, complete with wrasses, tangs and more! We can provide you services for aquarium delivery, installation, leasing, and even give tips on fish species’ behavior, diet and adaptability. Saltwater tanks require much work to maintain, and the tank must be cleaned every couple weeks or so. Please inquire about aquarium cleaning services today!

Mike’s 120-Gallon Rimless Mixed Reef

Mike’s 120-gallon mixed reef aquarium is in a standard 48″x24″x24′ Custom Aquariums rimless tank. You can get a saltwater tank like Mike’s, by talking with one of our tank experts today. From filtration, to sizing, we have you covered! One thing that makes our aquariums stand out from the rest of the crowd is that we do not use plastic framing, but aluminum. In addition, we use quality engineered glass, and have our own patented H2Overflow, Siphon Stopper, Stealthbox, Seamless Sump systems, and beautifully finished Majestic stands and canopies. In addition, our tanks come in a variety of sizes and tank shapes, including the rimless option that’s shown in this video.

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