Majestic® Aquarium Stands & Canopies

Aquarium Stands & Aquarium Canopies – Key Features

  • Solid Oak and Maple frame provides much needed strength and integrity for our aquarium stands
  • Many standard stain colors to suit your taste and décor
  • Classic and Contemporary standard style choices
  • 3/4″ plywood top and back for additional strength – no particle board!
  • Standard holes cut/drilled for cord and tube management
  • Double layer top coat for long time moisture resistance
  • Unlimited custom woods, styles, and finishes available – we are custom experts!

Styling Options

Our Majestic Aquarium Stands & Canopies come in 2 styles: Contemporary and Classic. Contemporary is more modern looking. All edges are square. Classic Style has routered edges and crown trim. Both styles of Majestic Aquarium Stands & Canopies can be painted, or see the wood and stain options below.


Majestic® Aquarium Stands And Canopy Design

There are many different designs on the market when it comes to aquarium stands and canopies. Through our sister company, Serenity USA, we have vast experience servicing aquariums. We have found that an open-concept aquarium canopy top is the best long-term solution.

Hardwood Frame, Plywood Back

Our canopy frames are made in the USA, using solid hardwood that comes from the woods of Wisconsin. The back is matching plywood with a solid hardwood frame. Attention to detail and craftsmanship is put into each part of the unit, and there is no particle board used in any part of the construction of our aquarium canopies.

Open Top vs Hinged Top Aquarium Canopy

There are trade-offs to everything. The hinged front concept at first glance might give the appearance of additional convenience, however, the negatives far outweigh the positives. Once you decide you are going with a hinged front top, pretty much all the designs out there have a solid or partially solid top.

Even with moisture-resistant material, venting, or perforated material, with the amount of moisture that gradually evaporates from the aquarium you are eventually going to see the aquarium canopy deteriorate. This can also cause mold which is bad for your health, can cause the material itself to crack, warp, and bubble. It gets really bad, really quick. For this reason, all the aquarium canopies we manufacture are an open concept top.

This might mean you have to reach a little higher or use a step stool to open the lids with the canopy on, but in the long run, is a lot better way to go. If you are doing a major cleaning or rearrangement it is fairly easy to lift the canopy off and put it to the side for the time being. This is what we do with all our service accounts, every day. Remember, all our products are manufactured with a low Lifetime® operating expense in mind.

Majestic Hood, 10″ Height

Majestic Hood with Doors, 12″ Height

Majestic® Aquarium Stands Design

Our Majestic® aquarium stands are built one at a time, at our Neenah, WI facility and are completely made with materials from the USA. Our stands were designed to work well with our Seamless Sump® and H2Overflow® system as well as most other commercially available filtration systems. And of course, we can customize them in many ways to suit your needs.

Be Careful – Not all Oak or Maple Aquarium Stands are Built This Strong!

Our aquarium stands not only come with a 3/4″ top, but a solid 3/4″ plywood back. Most of the lesser expensive aquarium stands on the market are made of very weak and soft birch or pine, or worse yet, particleboard, and don’t have any back at all! This is in part to save money, but also because most sump systems require a very large opening in order to get them in and out of your stand. With the Seamless Sump® or any canister filter, this is not a worry because they will easily fit through the front door of your stand. It is our opinion that a stand without a solid back is not strong enough to support a large aquarium for a Lifetime®.

There are many styles of very cheap imported aquarium stands available on the market today- and that is exactly what you are going to get. A cheap imported aquarium stand. With all the time and investment involved with a complete aquarium setup, not to mention the commitment it takes to establish and grow the livestock itself, one of the worst decisions a hobbyist could make is to skimp on the quality of the stand as it can potentially jeopardize everything. A weak aquarium stand can lead to catastrophic failure of the aquarium. Remember- once full, these aquariums can weigh hundreds or thousands of pounds. That is a lot of force to endure over a period of time, and we have engineered our aquarium stands to handle it.

Our Aquarium Stands Craftsmanship

Our lead carpenter has over 25 years of experience in custom, hand-built, one-of-a-kind enclosures, and furniture pieces. All our hoods, stands, and custom-built enclosures are located in over 500 health care facilities across the Midwestern United States. Our sister company Custom Cages is the #1 manufacturer of custom-built high-end bird, reptile, and small animal enclosures. We have been building customer-specific heirloom-quality enclosures for years.

Built-to-Order Aquarium Stands in the USA

Custom Aquariums is a family-owned and business. We have put a lot of time and dedication into developing a system that can be as versatile as possible to allow for all types of aquatic setups. All our aquariums, tank supplies, and setups are made in the USA with many of our materials being supplied from vendors close to our facility in Northeastern Wisconsin.

Precision Glass and Wood Working Equipment

Our Majestic® Enclosures are constructed in our state-of-the-art glass and working facilities. Our facilities are complete with advanced glass beveling and woodworking equipment, accurate to the thousandths of an inch. These aquarium hoods and aquarium stands are manufactured using the combination of technology and hands-on experience to produce the highest quality pieces with a smaller lead time than our competitors.

Raised Panels

Each aquarium has the option to include raised panels for your doors. We are sure to have a style that works for you. With standard, classic, country, and elite options, you are able to choose the perfect finishing touch for your aquarium. There is no doubt that our craftsmanship will show on your aquarium!

Standard – Flat Panel
(Image Shown is Natural Oak Stain on Oak Wood)

Classic – Raised Panel
(Image Shown is Natural Oak Stain on Oak Wood)

Country – Raised Panel
(Image Shown is Colonial Oak Stain on Rustic Hickory Wood)

Elite – Raised Panel
(Image Shown is Clear Finish on Black Walnut Wood)

Wood and Finish Options

Majestic® stands and canopies can be made from your choice of hardwood. We offer Ash, Oak, Maple, Hickory, Cherry, and Black Walnut. Each of these woods can be painted or stained to bring out the unique nature of the wood, and coordinate with your décor.

Each aquarium stand has the choice of one of our four water-based stain colors and black or white paint. You can also have a custom stain or paint applied to match your personal décor.

Our Finishing Process

First, we sand and inspect every edge of your aquarium stand and canopy. We ensure it is free of blemishes that would affect the stain application or cause inconsistencies.

Second, If you chose just a clear coat finish this step is skipped.

If you chose to have a painted stand, three coats of paint are sprayed onto the aquarium stand. Between each coat of paint, we hand sand the stand. This ensures a smooth vibrant gloss. This is the last step for painted stands.

If you chose a stain, we apply one coat of the stain. It is sprayed onto the stand by our trained and experienced finishing professionals. If a darker finish is desired we can apply a second coat of stain. Between every coat and after the final coat we hand sand the wood. The sanding ensures the stand is smooth and has a beautiful sheen.

Third, we spray on two coats of a durable semi-gloss clear varnish. This protects the wood and seals in the stain. Between each coat, we hand sand the wood with ultra-fine sandpaper. The sanding ensures the beautiful sheen our stands and canopies are known for.

Stain Options

Paint Options

Fully Customizable Aquarium Stands

With the combination of carpenters with decades of experience and high precision tools, we are very confident that we can customize your system to your specific needs for any project. From color-matching, size customization, or re-engineering a design we have the experience and knowledge to manufacture it to meet your needs.