Risk of Flood Disclaimer


AVOID SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH OR SEVERE PROPERTY DAMAGE. To prevent a flood during power or equipment failure, ONLY FILL SUMPS WHEN ALL PUMPS ARE OFF. Plug all electrical items in a GFCI outlet and unplug all power prior to filling or servicing tank and equipment.


All aquariums and related systems have an inherent risk of leaking or flooding. Adam’s Specialty Products, LLC (ASP) is not responsible for any loss of fish, personal injury or death, property loss, or damage arising out of use of an aquarium or any of the various components including but not limited to filtration, heating, lighting, and other electrical systems. It is the responsibility of the customer to take measures of placing their aquarium in a proper location to limit the risk of damage due to flooding/leaking and to assess the structural integrity of the location to ensure it is strong enough to support the heavyweights of the aquarium, and to provide insurance to cover any damage that may be caused by a leak, flood, or any other failure.

ASP is not responsible for fire or electrical risks associated with any product. Be sure to follow all manufactures recommendations and ratings, and only plug aquarium equipment into GFCI rated outlets, and be sure to turn off all electrical equipment prior to servicing the aquarium.

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