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Our high strength caster carts can hold the weight of your aquarium. They make moving your partially emptied aquarium a lot easier.


Height 2.875 in
Height Extends Below Stand

1.875 in




Our custom-engineered caster carts are one of the best investments you can make for your overall aquarium setup as your entire investment in livestock may depend on it at some point in the future. Our carts are rated to hold extremely large amounts of static weight distributed over many caster support points (each caster is rated up to 375lbs).

The carts are intended to be permanently mounted to the bottom of your stand even when your aquarium is full, which not only makes initial install of your tank and stand much easier, but you also never again have to worry about starting over on your dream tank just because you have to move it! Just drain your tank about 2/3 of the way down (like you are doing a water change), move your tank, and refill! Avoid painful losses of livestock and setup down the road!

Key Benefits of our Majestic Caster Carts:

  • Makes initial installation easier getting into your home/business and positioned in place.
  • Makes aquascaping easier as you can aquascape the tank a few feet from the back wall and move in place when done.
  • Makes moving at a later date easier. If ever in the future you have to replace your carpet/flooring or clean behind the tank, no problem! Without a cart you would usually have to completely decommission your tank and start over, creating a tragic loss of livestock and a lot of work.
  • Makes occasional maintenance of plumbing and wiring behind your tank much easier
  • Sometimes people move their tank to a new location just to change things up – no problem!
  • Caster Cart will be + 1/2″ longer than model size

Powder Coating

Caster cart base pricing is for a plain steel frame (not powder coated). In the vast majority of applications, powder coating is not necessary for caster carts for these reasons:

  • For our Majestic wood stands, carts are recessed under the bottom of the stand and the metal frame is out of sight for cosmetic purposes.
  • For our Majestic wood stands, they are protected from the aquarium water splashing/dripping by the stand itself.
  • Most people keep their aquariums indoors out of the weather.

However, if you anticipate your cart being exposed directly to moisture it may be recommended to powder coat your caster cart. If the cart does become incidentally wet it will rust. In this case, it “probably” will not ruin your cart or jeopardize its strength in a significant way. However, it could drip rusty condensation in which case the rust could stain your floor. This may or may not matter depending on your application. It is up to the customer to evaluate the pros and cons as caster carts are not warrantied against rust.