Custom Coral Aquariums, Coral Tanks & Frag Tanks

If you are looking to start growing your own coral, you will find it quite simple to do within the home; just give Custom Aquariums a call today, and we can assist you with customizing your coral aquariums or coral frag tanks.

Custom Coral Aquariums

At Custom Aquariums, our goal is to ensure that your coral aquariums are built with only the best quality. If you are looking only to have coral in your tank, or even hoping to have a reef aquarium with both fish and coral, no problem! Custom Aquariums is here to configure your coral frag tanks and coral aquariums. Just give us a call or try out our frag aquarium configurator, which makes it easy to customize your saltwater coral tanks in just minutes. Keep in mind that when purchasing fish to add to your aquarium, you should add only reef-safe fish that will not destroy the coral.

Our coral aquariums are built to last with the precision and detail necessary. Please call Custom Aquariums to configure your coral tanks today!

Customize Your Coral Frag Tanks

Custom Aquariums can customize coral aquariums and frag aquariums in several ways, from our standard rectangular shape to square, pentagon, and hexagon shapes, even aquariums with a rimless top. Additionally, you can select various accessories to add to your coral aquarium configuration, such as a vibrant aquarium background, Seamless SumpsSiphon StoppersH2Overflow systemsH2Overflow Stealthboxesaquarium stands or canopies with various stain and paint colors/optionsfeeders, etc. If you have specific questions regarding any of our coral aquarium accessories, please reach out to the aquarium experts at Custom Aquariums, and we will be happy to assist. Our coral tanks are built to last a lifetime!