Octopus Aquariums Ultimate Guide

Octopuses are absolutely fascinating creatures, exhibiting intriguing behavior and surprising intelligence. This guide will teach you everything you need to know to have your own octopus aquariums.

An octopus is one of the most rewarding marine creatures you can keep in a home aquarium. We are fascinated by their behavior, ability to learn, and their stunning shape and color-changing abilities. Notably, the unique personality each octopus has. So if time and effort aren’t an issue for you, on top of the relatively expensive diet, then an octopus might be right for you.

Some of the downsides of octopus-keeping include the short lifespan. In fact, most octopuses live for less than a year. Additionally, the cost of food can be quite high (primarily crabs and shrimp), and they tend to hide or stay camouflaged. Not to mention the very limited list of possible tank-mates, which means you most likely won’t be able to keep your favorite coral or fish in the same octopus aquariums.

Despite some negatives, octopus aquariums and octopus-keeping can be pretty simple. They don’t require much light, only need simple wet-dry filtration, and don’t demand the same precise conditions as reef invertebrates need.

The biggest challenge most octopus-keepers face is providing adequate food. Given that crabs and shrimp aren’t cheap. Octopuses need live food for nutrition and enrichment, although most octopuses do accept some frozen food. You can often get away with frozen shrimp as long as it’s supplemented with live crab. For this reason, octopus keepers that live along the coast have a significant advantage, as they can find food along the shore or buy from bait shops/seafood stores.

Octopus Aquariums Requirements

Adequate size is an obvious necessity for octopus aquariums, but there is far more to consider when preparing to care for your octopus. That being said, you’re going to need lots of live rock (1:1 ratio for pounds of rock to gallons of water), a one-inch sand bed, wet-dry filter and sump, simple fluorescent light, protein skimmer, and powerhead.

No fancy and expensive equipment is necessary, no UV filter, no metal halides, no wavemakers, or other devices.

Copper is deadly to octopuses, so be sure that the aquariums you plan to use have never been treated with copper. Also, the tank must be very cycled, which will take around three months if you are just starting. Finally, water quality is crucial. Start with RO/DI water which is available at your local LFS. Custom build your own Octopus aquariums in minutes!

FAQ’s for Octopus Aquariums

Do Octopuses Really Only Live 1 Year?

Most of the time, yes, and that is the sad part about octopus keeping. As pets, most octopuses only last one year because they are already a few months old by the time they arrive.

Do Octopuses Bite?

Yes, Octopuses can bite. However, none of the common species you would keep are defensive biters. Octopus bites have been described as a bee sting sensation. Avoid placing your hand in any octopus aquariums if you have an open wound, as it is pretty easy to get an infection. Many pet octopuses never bite their owners. Nevertheless, please be careful.

Why Keep An Octopus?

Keeping your octopus in your custom-built octopus aquariums allows you to experience one of the most intelligent creatures in the sea. They are fun to interact with and fascinating to observe. In addition, having an octopus aquarium promotes a genuine appreciation for intelligent marine life and might lead to more concern about sea life in general.

Where Can I Get The Best Octopus Aquariums?

Like any aquarium for a specific sea animal, Octopus aquariums are tasked with special modifications for comfortable living. Here at Custom Aquariums, we have over 20 years of experience to offer. All our aquariums are custom built with the highest quality material and craftsmanship. As a result, thousands of professional and amateur keepers trust our aquariums. Experience what it’s like to keep an Octopus and custom build your Octopus aquarium today!

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