Aquariums For Sharks & Shark Tanks

Custom Aquariums offers large aquariums for sharks in square, pentagon, or hexagon shapes. Our large saltwater aquariums for sharks are made with the highest quality glass in the industry. Our precision to detail and glass fabrication techniques when designing our aquariums for sharks are second to none. Our glass shark tanks are manufactured to order […]

Aquariums For Tangs & Surgeonfish

Whether you are an aquarium enthusiast looking to get started with tang aquariums of your own or an experienced fish tank hobbyist looking to replace your old saltwater tank, Custom Aquariums can help! Aquariums for tangs or surgeonfish need to be built with strength and quality engineering to withstand the gallons of water that will […]

Aquariums For Triggerfish

At Custom Aquariums, we provide large triggerfish aquariums that are spacious enough for your triggerfish and other fish species! Our triggerfish aquariums are also engineered with attention to detail and the ability to last for a lifetime! In addition, our triggerfish tanks can be customized to your needs, with various aquarium installation options, shapes, sizes, and […]

Custom Coral Aquariums, Coral Tanks & Frag Tanks

If you are looking to start growing your own coral, you will find it quite simple to do within the home; just give Custom Aquariums a call today, and we can assist you with customizing your coral aquariums or coral frag tanks. Custom Coral Aquariums At Custom Aquariums, our goal is to ensure that your […]

Eel Aquariums

Custom Aquariums offers saltwater aquariums for eels in many shapes, sizes, and styles. We manufacture saltwater aquariums for eels in square, pentagon, hexagon, and rimless aquarium shapes. These eel tanks and eel aquariums are made-to-order in the USA and are not mass-produced on a production line. Our engineers use the highest quality glass and fabrication […]

Freshwater Aquariums, Freshwater Fish Tanks

Custom Aquariums offers beautiful, durable freshwater aquariums for businesses and homes across the United States. We offer many sizes and styles of freshwater aquariums and freshwater fish tanks. You can completely customize your own freshwater aquariums or freshwater fish tanks, so no one else will have one exactly like yours. When it comes to our […]

Frog Aquariums – Custom Frog Tanks

Glass Frog Tanks & Aquariums After your team has chosen the shape and size, you can choose from many accessories for your frog tanks that will make your aquarium run smoothly and efficiently. You can choose from many accessories for your glass frog aquariums such as glass lids, filters, pumps, protein skimmers, cleaning supplies, racks, […]

Half Land – Half Water Aquariums

Our Half Land – Half Water Aquarium Feature: Glass or acrylic sliding front, side, or back door options Seamless Sump complete filtration available with H2Overflows and Siphon Stopper outputs Keyed lock for security Professional marine grade aluminum framework with minimal gaps where crickets can’t escape! Printed backgrounds available, including land/water themes Multiple options for water […]

Jellyfish Aquariums – Custom Built Jellyfish Tanks

Custom Aquariums offers square saltwater jellyfish aquariums. Our jellyfish tanks are made-to-order in the USA with the highest quality glass within the industry. The precision to detail and glass fabrication techniques that our engineers use when manufacturing our moon jellyfish aquariums is second to none. In fact, aquariums for moon jellyfish are not mass-produced on […]

Octopus Aquariums Ultimate Guide

Octopuses are absolutely fascinating creatures, exhibiting intriguing behavior and surprising intelligence. This guide will teach you everything you need to know to have your own octopus aquariums. An octopus is one of the most rewarding marine creatures you can keep in a home aquarium. We are fascinated by their behavior, ability to learn, and their […]

Reef Aquariums, High-Quality Tanks

Custom Aquariums offers reef aquariums for homes and businesses that are beautiful, durable and will last a lifetime. Our build-to-order glass reef aquariums are designed to however you configure your square, pentagon, hexagon, rimless or amphibious aquarium. Our reef aquariums are manufactured with the highest quality materials and glass fabrication techniques within the industry. We […]

Saltwater Aquariums – Saltwater Fish Tanks

Saltwater Aquariums Custom Aquariums has been in the saltwater aquarium-making industry for over twenty-five years, specializing in the customization of durable saltwater aquariums, freshwater tanks, amphibious aquariums and plaudariums, and more. The fish tank experts at our company each have years of experience to help you customize your own size and style of tank you’re […]

Seahorse Aquariums, Seahorse Tanks

If you are looking for advanced engineered seahorse tanks that will be suitable for keeping your seahorses, Custom Aquariums has committed years of experience to our customized seahorse aquariums. We understand that aquariums for seahorses must be manufactured with attention to detail and durability to ensure your seahorses thrive in their environment. The aquarium-making professionals […]

Squid Aquariums, Aquariums for Squids

Custom Aquariums provides aquariums quality squid aquariums for zoos, nature centers, and aquarium centers across the United States, including the North Carolina Aquarium of Manteo, NC, the Underwater Adventures Aquarium in Bloomington, MN, the Virginia Marine Science Museum in Virginia Beach, VA, and many other centers and societies. Our aquariums for squids and are large […]

Stingray Tanks

Custom Aquariums offers large saltwater stingray tanks in square, pentagon, hexagon, or rimless shapes. When you configure and purchase a saltwater stingray aquarium, you will see they are made with the highest quality glass within the industry. Our precision to detail and glass fabrication techniques that we use when designing our aquariums for stingrays is […]

Turtle Aquariums

Turtle Aquariums & Paludariums Your choice of glass or acrylic sliding front, side, or back doors Seamless Sump® complete filtration available with H2Overflows® and Siphon Stopper® outputs Keyed lock for security Glass lids can be made partially ventilated with cricket proof perforated aluminum Sliding doors on top of the tank also available Custom wood materials […]