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Custom Build Your Own Aquarium
Configure Your Own Rectangle, Hexagon or Pentagon Aquarium!


*Some Exceptions Apply

Superior aquarium engineering services,
materials and
fabrication techniques
combine to create our custom glass aquariums and fish tanks.

Custom Aquariums has provided DIY aquariums and aquarium accessories to many of our YouTube friends. Please watch their videos for helpful tips on aquarium keeping and creative ideas on fish tank setups. Stop by often to see their fish tank additions and hear the latest aquarium news!

DIY/Vlogger Videos
Solid Gold Aquatics

Watch The "King Of DIY" Unbox 10 Of Our Fish Tanks!

Factory Direct built to order aquariums, canopies, and stand delivered to your door!

FREE Delivery Nation Wide!!*

In home/office set up and delivery options also available in select areas for an additional fee.

Custom Aquariums

Glass Aquariums for Fish, Turtles & Other Pets

Lifetime Aquariums

Lifetime Glass Aquariums

CustomAquariums.com is the manufacturer direct online outlet store for the proprietary Lifetime Aquariums® glass aquarium system. This system makes our custom saltwater fish tanks and freshwater aquariums unique in the fact we can build to order practically any size with multiple glass aquarium material options and at the same time have unmatched strength and integrity. Configure your custom aquariums online or give us a call and our experts will help you configure your dream custom fish aquarium today!

Read more about our revolutionary patent pending Lifetime Aquariums® system.

Seamless Sumps

Seamless Sump® Aquarium Sump Filtration System

Developed by aquarium service experts with decades of experience at our aquarium service division (www.SerenityUSA.com), the Seamless Sump system is a complete filtration solution for both fresh and saltwater custom fish tanks, large and small. Our expandable one piece, “Seamless Sump®” system combines the best features of each type of filtration system into one elegant, easy to service, long lasting solution.

Read more about our revolutionary patent pending seamless sump filtration system.


H2Overflow® Aquarium Overflow System

Also developed by aquarium service experts at our sister company (www.SerenityUSA.com), the patent pending H2Overflow ® is the perfect solution for safely and efficiently returning your aquarium water to your sump filter. Whether you have our recommended Seamless Sump® or another brand of sump, the H2Overflow® is extremely quiet, has a high quantity of skimming surface to provide aeration, maintains a consistent water height, displaces very little amount of water, and has a very small footprint to stay out of sight and out of the way of your lighting.

Read more about our revolutionary patent pending H2Overflow ® system for our custom fish aquariums!

H2Overflow Stealthbox

H2Overflow Stealthbox®

The H2Overflow Stealthbox® is the most versatile, silent, and reliable external aquarium overflow system available anywhere! This Stealthbox works great with the Seamless Sump, or any other sump system. The H2Overflow Stealthbox® has 1200, 2400, or 3600 gallon per hour capacity!

Read more about our Stealthbox, the most versatile overflow box for custom aquariums and fish tanks on the market!

Siphon Stopper

Siphon Stopper® Aquarium Output Nozzle

The patent pending Siphon Stopper® return fitting allows you to minimize the risk of a back siphon and at the same time minimize evaporation, easily manipulate your water flow, and most of all no more reliance on failure prone check valves! It works great with the Seamless Sump® System, and the Loc-Line nozzle gives you tremendous versatility. The Siphon Stopper® return fitting is the most reliable, unique, visually appealing approach to returning water to your custom aquariums and protecting your property.

Read more about our amazing Siphon Stopper® innovation.

Majestic Aquarium Stands & Canopies

Majestic® Aquarium Stands and Canopies

Not all custom aquarium stands and canopies are created equal! Our Majestic Enclosures® have many advantages over other brands. From solid 3/4" plywood top and back as well as solid oak or maple framework, there are no shortcuts with our designs. You will not find ANY particle board used with our stands and canopies which can swell and crack over time. We have many standard styles and stain / paint colors to choose from or we can custom match your decor. All our freshwater aquariums and saltwater aquariums are built in house by our full time professional craftsman our stands and canopies are not just practical, but are genuine heirloom quality hand-made furniture pieces. With materials made in the USA, you will not find a better value of quality craftsmanship and price anywhere else for your custom fish aquariums, freshwater fish tanks and saltwater aquariums.

Read more about our high quality furniture grade Majestic® aquarium hoods and canopies for your custom fish tanks.

Lifetime Aquarium Stands & Canopies

Lifetime Stands and Canopies

Our Lifetime® aluminum framed stands and canopies are the most durable of any custom aquarium stand and canopy system available on the market today! They make a perfect fit for anyone who is looking for a reliable aquarium stand and canopy for their freshwater aquariums and saltwater aquariums. The frames are made from anodized aluminum that will never rust, chip, or corrode. They are very lightweight, yet they are engineered in a way that allows them to withstand extreme loads from even our largest tanks! These stands and canopies for saltwater aquariums and freshwater aquariums take only minutes to breakdown, resulting for easy transport, storage, and installation. The best part of it all, they are at a price that works for everyone! Don't mess around with heavy, expensive, easy to rust welded steel for your custom fish tanks.

Read more about our revolutionary, patent pending, Lifetime® all aluminum stand and canopy system.

Unstoppable Hopper® - Feeder Extension

Unstoppable Hopper® - Feeder Extension

Stand elevates feeder above the surface so exiting food does not get wet and clog the feeder. Funnel prevents a mess on your lids. Hopper extends pellet food quantity to last over 12 weeks with a well-stocked average tank!

Read more about our Unstoppable Hopper® - Expanded Automatic Aquarium Feeder and add it to your custom fish tank today!

Custom Cages

Custom Cages

We also make cages! Our sister company CustomCages.com manufactures a wide variety of bird, reptile and small animal cages built to order! Our cages are endorsed by Jack Hannah of the Columbus zoo and used by zoos all over the world large and small. Nobody has a unique wide array of options to meet your specific cage needs like we do!

Read more about our bird, reptile, cat, dog and amphibian cages and enclosures!

Custom Aquarium Shapes & Sizes

Aquarium Package Specials

Want a turn key complete setup? Below are our most popular package specials ordered at discounted, bundled prices. All packages can be configured for both freshwater and reef setups!

Are you looking for hobbyist saltwater aquariums or freshwater aquariums to add fish, marine life or corals? Custom Aquariums has been selling freshwater and saltwater fish tanks to hobbyists, beginners, and experienced aquarium owners alike for over two decades. In addition to our saltwater aquariums and freshwater fish tanks, we also have our own patents on a number of aquarium filters, pumps, glass hole cutters, aquarium lighting supplies, cleaning supplies and more. If you are a diy aquarium hobbyist, you have the option of purchasing these accessories from us, or if you need assistance from our aquarium experts give us a call, and we can provide instructions on the day we deliver the fish tank to you.