Unstoppable Hopper® Feeder Extension

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The stand elevates the EHEIM TWINfeeder (feeder not included) above the surface so exiting food does not get wet and clog the feeder. The funnel prevents a mess on your lids. The hopper also extends the pellet food capacity to last over 12 weeks with a well-stocked average tank! The feeder is not included by default but can be added.

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The Unstoppable Hopper® aquarium feeder stand lifts the aquarium feeder above the water surface so that depositing food won’t get wet and lodge in the feeder. The Unstoppable Hopper® funnel solves the issue of food dropping onto the lids. Additionally, using the Unstoppable Hopper® makes the quantity of food last for over 12 weeks!

Unstoppable Hopper® Benefits:

  • Prevents a mess of food pellets and clogging in the aquarium feeder.
  • Is compatible with the EHEIM TWINfeeder.
  • Raises the feeder above the surface so food does not get wet.
  • Allows airflow to dry the funnel between feedings.
  • Extends food capacity dramatically – up to 12 weeks for a well-stocked 200-gallon aquarium.
  • Features easy-to-clean, smooth black PVC.
  • With the divider, you have the option of having two types of food to be programmed to deliver at independent quantities and time intervals.