100 Gallon* Glass Aquarium

100 Gallon* Glass Aquarium Details

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This 100 gallon fish tank gives you plenty of room to expand your aquascape or reef.

Actual Gallons: 85

Configure Options

Height 24 in
Length 48 in
Depth 18 in
Model Gallons


Sump Max Capacity

39.8 Gallons

Sump Ideal Functioning Volume

31.9 Gallons

Glass Thickness

Aquarium Type


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Our packages above are specifically designed by our full-time service experts for this 100 Gallon Glass Aquarium Special to have the proper size and flow ratings for this size aquarium. Plenty of additional circulation, aeration, flow, skimming capacity, and surface area of biofiltration are accounted for in these packages with redundancy and safety measures already factored in. This aquarium and filter system is a passive, gravity-fed system with redundant pumps for safety which means you can rest easy and have a very low maintenance, efficient, reliable setup with a LIFETIME warranty when ordered with a stand. A complete setup as shown below will provide a truly professional commercial grade setup that works great for freshwater, saltwater, reef, and marine aquariums.

For each upgraded level package you purchase, you not only save more on the items in that package, but you save even more on all the items in the previous package… Because it is much more efficient for us to ship a lot of stuff together and to produce based on our common configurations, when you order a more and more complete standardized package, we pass the savings on to you!

The 100 Gallon Fish Tank

This 100-gallon aquarium is made from 3/8″ glass with our patented frame on the top and bottom of the tank. The frame is made from high-strength black anodized aluminum.

We offer an industry-leading lifetime warranty on the aquarium at no extra cost if it is placed on our stand and properly cared for. You have the option of adding a stand to the aquarium when you configure it.

We can offer this lifetime warranty because of the superior engineering and rigorous quality control that goes into every aquarium we manufacture. We remove integrity compromising micro-fractures by beveling and polishing every edge of every piece of glass. We use a black high-strength aquarium-grade silicone that is five times stronger than common clear aquarium silicone.

The Basic Package

The Basic package includes everything you need to connect a sump filtration system to your aquarium. It includes one of our H2Overflow® overflow screens and two Siphon Stopper® return nozzles. Holes for the overflows and returns are drilled in the back of the tank. This allows you to use a low-maintenance gravity-fed sump system that is much less likely to fail or flood.

The Deluxe Package

The Deluxe package adds a 1200GPH 46 Seamless Sump filter system. The sump system will hold around 31.9 gallons of water bringing your system volume to 116.9 gallons. The Seamless sump tubs are made out of durable high density polyethylene. The tubs have no seams that can leak or fail.

This Seamless sump system includes two Sicce 1.5 return pumps for redundant returns in case one fails. The system also includes a UV sterilizer, bio media, Purigen, a filter sock, and all the return and overflow hoses.

The Ultimate Package

The Ultimate package includes a substrate, plants, a heater, a bubble wand, an air pump, and a bunch of other cleaning and maintenance products. This is the fastest way to get everything you need to get your new aquarium up and running.

The Majestic® Stand

You have the option of including a custom-built Majestic® aquarium stand with your tank. The stand can either be a high-strength powder-coated steel tube stand or a hardwood cabinet with a matching canopy. The hardwood stand and canopy are available in a number of styles, woods, and colors.

The hardwood stand is made using furniture quality wood. It is only made from high-quality materials. No cardboard, fiberboard, particleboard, or softwood is used in our stands. Our stands are designed to last a lifetime.

The steel stand is made from high-strength square tube steel. The steel frame is welded into a single solid piece. There are no open ends for water to collect in. Lastly, the whole frame is finished with a durable oven-cured powder-coating. The steel stand has a 3/4″ plywood top that is painted to match the black powder-coating.

Why Choose A 100 Gallon Fish Tank From Custom Aquariums?

Custom Aquariums is the largest manufacturer of custom glass aquariums in the USA. After making thousands of aquariums, we know a thing or two about how to make an aquarium that will last a lifetime. Here are a few things that make our 100 gallon aquarium idea for your next fish tank.

Custom Aquariums Aluminum Frame

Anodized Aluminum Frame

We make a patented black anodized aluminum frame. The frame is stronger than plastic or euro bracing. Our frame will never rust, corrode, or become brittle from salt and light exposure. It is the strongest most advanced frame on the market.

This 100-gallon fish tank has a center cross brace that keeps the front and back glass panels from bowing out. It can be easily removed for aquascaping when the tank is empty.

Custom Aquariums beveled glass corner

Precision Glass

We use thicker stronger glass for our aquariums. We also bevel and polish every edge of each pane of glass, even the edges hidden by the frame. We use glass over acrylic for its scratch resistance, strength, and resistance to chemicals and yellowing.

Custom Aquariums high strength silicone

High Strength Silicone

Our aquarium-grade black silicone is five times stronger than standard clear silicone. The strength of an aquarium is dependent on the strength of silicone bonding.