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This unique aquarium plumbing concealment tower is a perfect way to use the H2Overflow® and Siphon Stopper® on the inside of an island tank where hanging them off of the back is not an option. It is very popular with our hexagon fish tanks. The tower can fit 1 H2Overflow® and 2 Siphon Stoppers®. The inside of the tower remains dry, meaning no long-term maintenance headaches or noise issues like most traditional in-tank overflows. This is a unique feature only offered with a Lifetime Aquarium®.

The price includes a hole drilled in the bottom of your tank, an additional reinforcement plate over the hole to add strength to the drilled hole, and any holes in the column itself necessary for attaching 1 H2Overflow® and 2 Siphon Stoppers® in the tower. Available for both 1/2″ and 3/4″ Siphon Stoppers®, or custom drilled to your needs. We will drill holes at a regular standard configuration unless a custom configuration is specifically stated on your order. The tower comes with an extremely durable schedule 80 bulkhead. The tower will come glued together, customers will have to install it once the aquarium is in its final place which is as simple as inserting the tower into the hole at the bottom of the tank and tightening the bulkhead (there is no way to ship the tank with the bulkhead pre-installed).

The minimum height is 14″.

Give us a call–we would love to explain more and help you design the island tank of your dreams today! Also it works great for rimless frag tanks!

Plumbing Concealment Tower * 


14" to 60"


1 H2Overflow® and 2 Siphon Stoppers®

Tower Column Diameter


Drilled Holes