1200GPH Low Profile 40 Aquarium Sump Package

1200GPH Low Profile 40 Aquarium Sump Package Details

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The 1200GHP Low Profile 40 Seamless Sump® Package includes:

1/2" Evaporation
1/2" Refugium
1-1/2" Evaporation (+$19.90)
1-1/2" Refugium (+$19.90)
Learn more about refugium and evaporation configurations. This will also let you upgrade the Reservoir Tub line from a 1/2" tube to a 1-1/2" tube. Learn more about this upgrade.
The screens help prevent debris from traveling back to your pump. The more screens the higher the flow rate.
The screens help prevent debris from traveling back to your pump. The more screens the higher the flow rate.
Each 125ML comes in a reusable mesh bag.
Extra 5L of Bio Media (+$49.95)
9W UV Sterilizer (+$159.95)
18W UV Sterilizer (+$229.95)
Includes two barb couplings and an elbow.
Product total
Options total
Grand total

Height 17 in
Length 39.25 in
Depth 18.66 in
Depth With 1-1/2" Tubing Upgrade

20.76 in

Max Volume

22.4 Gallons

Ideal Operating Volume

18.1 Gallons

Max Flow Rate

1200 GPH

Aquarium Type

, ,

Sump Style


Filter Socks



The 1200GPH Low Profile 40 Seamless Sump® Package has a max flow rate of 1200 gallons per hour. The single H2Overflow® line is the limiting factor for this package.

Refugium or Evaporation Plumbing

If you have noticed that we offer two different plumbing options but are not sure why you may want one or the other, this section is for you.

The evaporation configuration is drilled low. This makes it so that the water level in the mini reservoir tub will be the same as the low profile baffle tub. However, in the event so much water evaporates the water level in the low profile baffle tub goes below 2.3″ the water level in the low profile baffle tub continues to fall while the Mini Reservoir Tub will remain the same.

There are two main advantages of the evaporation configuration. The first is that for each evaporation Mini Reservoir Tub you will have about 10 extra gallons of evaporation volume. The second advantage is that it provides extra volume in your sump system to absorb the small amount of back siphoned water from your aquarium if your pumps fail or lose power.

The refugium configuration is drilled high. This keeps a minimum water level of 11.8″ and 12.5 gallons. This gives you a safe place for live rock, coral, fish, or plants. Typically, you will want to add our filter screen to the tube to keep food and debris out of the pump chamber.

Understanding the 1-1/2″ Tube Upgrade

In this section we will briefly discus why you may want to upgrade to the 1-1/2″ tube.

Sump Overflow Prevention

Our Siphon Stopper® is designed to break a back-siphon in case your pump fails or loses power. However, it is still possible to have 1/8″ to 1/4″ of back-siphon with a properly mounted Siphon Stopper®. Additionally, there is an estimated 1/2″ to 3/4″ of possible water from your H2Overflow® that will flow to the sump. Depending on the size of your aquarium this may be a few gallons or a lot of water.

In the worst-case scenario, you will need your sump system to absorb 1″ of water from your aquarium. 1″ is more than you will likely lose. However, as it has been said, “Plan for the worst, expect the best.”

When all this water starts rushing to your sump a little will come from the Siphon Stopper® and the majority will be from your overflows. All of the water will land in the Low Profile Baffle Tub. If your reservoir tub is drilled for evaporation it can also help absorb the water from the aquarium. The larger 1-1/2″ tube between the Baffle Tub and the Reservoir Tub allows the water to move faster into the Reservoir Tub keeping your Baffle Tub from potentially overflowing.

In this Low Profile Seamless Sump® Package, the total amount of water that can be absorbed is around 990 cubic inches. The Low Profile Baffle Tub can absorb around 460 cubic inches. For example, if you used this sump package on our 100* Gallon 24″H x 48″L x 18″D Aquarium Special an inch of water loss would be a little under 800 cubic inches. This is more than the Low Profile Baffle Tub could likely absorb on its own. Because the Mini Reservoir Tub only needs to absorb the extra 340 cubic inches to keep the Low Profile Baffle Tub from overflowing, it is very unlikely you will need the increased flow provided by the 1-1/2″ tube. However, with a larger aquarium that needs multiple Reservoir Tubs, it may be needed.

High Flow Refugium

Another reason you may want to upgrade to the 1-1/2″ tubing is to increase the flow inside a refugium. If you have coral or anything else in your refugium that needs increased flow the 1-1/2″ upgrade will provide it. In the case of a high flow refugium you may want to look at running a 1/2″ overflow line directly from our StealthBox® to your refugium.

Stand Size Limitations

It is important to note that the 1-1/2″ tube upgrade increases the depth of the system from front to back to just under 21″. This means you cannot use the 1-1/2″ tubing in one of our 18″ deep aquarium stands.