1BLP Low Profile Baffle Tub – Aquarium Sump

1BLP Low Profile Baffle Tub – Aquarium Sump Details

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The Seamless Sump® Low Profile Baffle Tub is a smaller version of our standard Baffle Tub. It is designed to provide critical filtration in a short stand. The left side of the baffle holds our bio media baskets. The right side of the baffle is designed to function as a return pump chamber. The right side has a cord grommet and two holes for the your return lines.

This includes: 4 Media baskets, 5 liters Bio media, and a 10 PPI foam pad w/ perforated aluminum basket divider.
Do you want to have bulkheads added for plumbing lines to another tub.
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Height 11.25 in
Length 16.99 in
Depth 15.99 in

High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)

Max Volume

9.5 Gallons

Ideal Operating Volume

7.5 Gallons


The Low Profile System

The Custom Aquariums Seamless Sump® system works great for tanks of almost any size. Our new low profile tubs are designed to fit in shorter stands. There are three tubs that are part of the low profile system are the Low Profile Single Sock Tub, the Low Profile Baffle Tub, and the Mini Reservoir Tub.

The low profile system needs an internal stand clearance of at least 18″.

The Seamless Sump® Advantage

Every Seamless Sump® tub is made out of a single molded piece of durable high density polyethylene (HDPE). Our filtration tubs are easy to clean and won’t leak or fail.

You can mix and match our tubs in different combinations to create the perfect filtration system for your aquarium’s needs. The number of combinations and possibilities are almost endless!