1S4 Four Sock Tub – Aquarium Sump

1S4 Four Sock Tub – Aquarium Sump Details

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The Four Sock Tub provides the most flow of any of our sock tubs at up to 4800 gallons per hour. It can hold up to four filter socks. It is designed to pour into the Baffle Tub. The tub comes standard with a glass lid.

Select how you want your sock tub configured. Holes are numbered left to right.
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Grand total

Height 22.25 in
Length 26.25 in
Depth 17 in
Length (Without Output Spout)

20.75 in


High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)

Max Volume

23 Gallons

Ideal Operating Volume

23 Gallons

Max Flow Rate

4800 GPH

Filter Socks

Up to 4


Our Seamless Sump® four sock tub allows you to have up to four H2Overflows® at 1200 gallons per hour (GPH) each running into a single tub! This tub accommodates an extremely high flow rate, 4800 GPH. That’s a lot of water in a very small footprint!

The molded output spout on the right side of the sock tub is designed to flow into our Seamless Sump® Baffle Tub. The Baffle Tub is designed with a bio media chamber on one side and a pump chamber on the other side.

With the Four Sock Tub you can build a very effective, efficient, easy to clean, complete filtration system for up to 4800 GPH of flow rate for a fraction of the price of other systems! This tub also has a very large opening and reservoir space to allow you to place submersible skimmers directly inside the tub without the need to risk hooking it up to external plumbing that may have the potential to leak. The tubs come standard with a flat glass lid. Skimmers of various heights can be accommodated with PVC platforms that we can build to order to suit your needs and raise the skimmer to your desired height. However, if you need a protein skimmer you should look at our new Seamless Sump® Skimmer Tub.

Call for details and pricing on the platforms. Tubs with less than 4 socks/brackets will have plugs in the extra top holes to prevent evaporation and also serve as cord management grommets. These holes could also be used for additional accessories such as pump tubing. Tubs can easily add additional socks at a later date if desired.

The Tub Includes

  • A glass lid for the tub opening
  • Up to four sock brackets (optional)
  • Filter socks (optional)
  • Cord grommet in output spout (optional)

The Seamless Sump® Advantage

Every Seamless Sump® tub is made out of a single molded piece of durable high density polyethylene (HDPE). Our filtration tubs are easy to clean and won’t leak or fail.

You can mix and match our tubs in different combinations to create the perfect filtration system for your aquarium’s needs. The number of combinations and possibilities are almost endless!