3600GPH Double-Baffle Reef 62 Aquarium Sump Package

3600GPH Double-Baffle Reef 62 Aquarium Sump Package Details

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The 3600GPH Double Baffle Reef 62 Seamless Sump® Package includes:

  • Skimmer Tub
  • 2 Baffle Tubs
  • Glass Shelf for Protein Skimmer
  • 5 bio media baskets
  • 5 liters bio media
  • Protein skimmer not included.
Select how you want your sock tub configured. Holes are numbered front to back.
Choose at what level you want the glass shelf for the skimmer to sit on.
You can add an additional media basket to make your bio media filter a wet-dry system.
Each 125ML comes in a reusable mesh bag.
Extra 5L of Bio Media (+$49.95)
9W UV Serilizer (+$159.95)
18W UV Serilizer (+$229.95)
Includes two barb couplings
Product total
Options total
Grand total

Height 22.25 in
Length 61.69 in
Depth 20.76 in
Depth With 1-1/2" Tubing Upgrade

20.76 in

Max Volume

57.6 Gallons

Ideal Operating Volume

49 Gallons

Max Flow Rate

3600 GPH

Aquarium Type


Sump Style


Saltwater and Reef Ready

The 3600GPH Double-Baffle Reef 62 Seamless Sump® Package is perfect for your next saltwater or reef tank. It has a max flow rate of 3600 gallons per hour. This sump package can accept up to three H2Overflow® lines.

This package features a unique double baffle to further reduce micro-bubbles from your protein skimmer. Forcing the water to flow through not just one but two baffles can remove most if not all micro bubbles.

Stand Size Limitations

It is important to note that the two 1-1/2″ tube on the front increases the depth of the system front to back to just under 21″. This means you cannot fit this package in one of our 18″ deep aquarium stands.