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Custom Aquariums Free Delivery and Moving Kits

Custom aquariums FREE curbside delivery and refundable suction cup moving kits make installing your new aquarium easy. Complete aquariums will come almost completely plumbed and ready for use.

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Free Nationwide Aquarium Delivery To Your Door
on any order over $4,000 that includes an aquarium installation!

View aquarium shipping and handling rates for orders under $4,000, and for information about our production lead times.

Our Lifetime® aquariums and accessory items will come fully crated and be delivered to your residence or place of business. Arrival intact is guaranteed!

Aquarium installation made EASY!

Our aquarium installations are simple with our refundable moving kits; for fish aquariums, reef aquariums or amphibian / turtle aquariums! Our vast experience in the service business ( has taught us valuable lessons on how to get aquariums to remote locations undamaged and install with a minimal effort.

The 2 biggest lessons...

  • Get a Grip!
  • Get Some Help!

No aquarium is too large to handle if you get a good grip, and you get plenty of help so you evenly distribute the weight to be manageable.

Get A Good Grip with our Refundable Moving Kits

When you order a refundable moving kit, we include an appropriate amount of suction cups to help facilitate moving your aquarium from the crate on your curb to its destination. We will include a return box and a pre-printed return label. As soon as you are done using them, just pack up and return and we will fully refund the deposit for the suction cups. For our most popular sizes (100-280 gallons) the total out of pocket rental and return shipping fee for the suction cups amounts to about $20-$50 depending on the kit you order. Retail price on these rated suction cups are around $60 EACH if you were to purchase them. Considering the aquarium delivery is FREE, borrowing them from us and returning them instead is not a bad deal! A lot easier than hauling it all the way from a pet store with no way to handle it when you get home, and the risk factors involved with getting it there in one piece!

Aquarium Delivery Moving Kits

We have found that around 60lbs per person is a very manageable amount of weight. The cups themselves are rated for a 125lb load capacity. Should you and the people helping have the ability to lift more than the 60lbs per cup, it still helps to have more than one suction cup for that person to "Get a Grip!" Keep in mind, these are our recommendations based on our experience. Your ability to lift weight must be evaluated individually. Read our aquarium lifting and handling disclaimer.

Dry weights chart for aquarium installations.

Aquarium Dry Weight Range (lbs) Recom. # of Suction Cups Fully Refundable Suction Cup Deposit Return Shipping and Rental Fee Total Deposit Plus Return/ Rental Fee
0-120 2 $100 $19 $119 View/Order
121-240 4 $200 $33 $233 View/Order
241-360 6 $300 $47 $347 View/Order
361-480 8 $400 $61 $461 View/Order
481-600 10 $500 $75 $575 View/Order
601-720 12 $600 $89 $689 View/Order
721-840 14 $700 $103 $803 View/Order
841-960 16 $800 $117 $917 View/Order
961-1080 18 $900 $131 $1,031 View/Order
1081-1200 20 $1,000 $145 $1,145 View/Order
1201-1320 22 $1,100 $159 $1,259 View/Order
1321-1440 24 $1,200 $173 $1,373 View/Order
1441-1560 26 $1,300 $187 $1,487 View/Order
1561-1680 28 $1,400 $201 $1,601 View/Order
1681-1800 30 $1,500 $215 $1,715 View/Order

Get Some Help!

With our refundable moving kits, most of our popular aquariums only require 2-4 people. Once you have a good grip and the weight evenly distributed, it really isn't that difficult to move even a very large aquarium. The biggest mistake people do is try to move too much with too few people. Ask a friend or neighbor to give you a hand! It only takes a few minutes to do the heavy lifting. They are really going to enjoy seeing the end result!

It's Worth It!

As we explain in the pros and cons of acrylic vs. glass aquariums, the only downside a customer may experience with a glass aquarium vs. an acrylic aquarium is the weight involved with the initial aquarium installation. We take the pain out with our free curbside aquarium delivery and refundable moving kits. Once the aquarium is in place, you will enjoy all the benefits of a glass aquarium installation for a Lifetime® without the long term maintenance, quality, and expense drawbacks that come with acrylic aquariums. This is why the service division of our business ONLY installs glass aquariums in our hundreds of accounts nationwide.

Durable Crating: Ours vs Theirs

Below are some pictures of aquariums we received from other manufacturers. The packaging is virtually non-existent, and we had an entire pallet complete destroyed upon arrival.

Competitor Crating

We believe in going the extra mile with our packaging. Even though it costs us quite a bit more it significantly reduces the likelihood of damage on the way to the customer. Our belief is that a little more up front effort and expense is worth having a better long term customer satisfaction experience. You will find all of our items well crated and shipped with caution as to not cause delays in receiving your setup. We guarantee your aquarium to arrive in tact or we will replace it free of charge! If something were to happen in transit in an extraordinary situation be sure to document the condition of your shipment on arrival on the bill of lading before your driver leaves and with digital photographs. Read more in our shipping and returns policy.

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