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Glass Rimless Aquariums

Most of our standard glass aquariums can also be made as rimless aquariums. These unique aquariums are great for frag tanks, island tanks, turtle tanks, and more! Our classy polished beveled edge and superior craftsmanship make our rimless aquariums the premier rimless brand on the market today. Our Majestic stands come with center supports so even the largest rimless aquarium is well supported. We also have our own unique, innovative center concealment column you will not find anywhere else to assist in adding plumbing such as our H2Overflow and Siphon Stoppers to make filtration easy for island tanks. We also have a frosted upper rim available if you wish to have glass rimless aquariums that still conceal the water line!

Call for a Quote for Glass Rimless Aquariums

Please call us to get a quote for your custom glass rimless aquariums. Our rimless aquarium pricing isn't online because of the many factors involved with determining the right configuration of your setup, however we are taking orders for glass aquariums over the phone.

Concealment Columns

Glass Rimless Aquariums Concealment Columns 1
Glass Aquariums Concealment Columns 2
Rimless Aquarium Concealment Columns 3

Learn more about our concealment columns for glass rimless aquariums!