Stackable Lifetime® Wall Units - Aquarium Stackable Units

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Let us help custom design your dream facility! Our Lifetime® aluminum frame system can be used as an extremely functional multi-level racking display from small fish rooms to entire pet stores, humane centers, and research facilities. When used in conjunction with our amphibious tanks the doors are easily removable and interchangeable (glass, wire, acrylic, etc…) allowing you to use different aquarium doors as your livestock needs change. This aquarium tanks system may be used for fish, birds, reptiles, and many other small animals!

Aquarium Stackable Units Key Features

  • Marine Grade Anodized Aluminum Frame — will never rust, chip, or corrode
  • Easy Assembly in MINUTES — (just 8 screws per unit!)
  • Breaks down for easy shipping and storage (even very large units can ship FedEx inexpensively, can be transported with ease, fit through doorways, around corners, up staircases etc…)
  • Removable aquarium doors make servicing your sump and aquarium very easy
  • Available in a multitude of colors and wood grain patterns
  • Panels are a durable, smooth washable surface (similar to a kitchen counter top). Painted aluminum also available.
  • Engineered to handle extreme loads with minimal deflection (ensures the integrity of your aquarium prolonging its life span).
  • Aquarium stackable units are available for all of our aquarium sizes, even some of our largest tanks!