3/4″ Siphon Stopper For Non-Drilled Tanks

3/4″ Siphon Stopper For Non-Drilled Tanks Details

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The 3/4″ Siphon Stopper® complete return fitting comes with Siphon Stopper® cap, elbows, loc-line hose with 1/4″ nozzle, and 3/4″ barbed elbow. This is the best solution to give your aquarium a consistent output position that is easy to manipulate water flow, and at the same time limits your risk of a back siphon much more effectively than a check valve.

Note: this is for non-drilled aquariums. You can also get our standard 3/4″ Siphon Stopper® for drilled aquariums.

Pipe/Hose Diameter

3/4" Diameter




Plastic – PVC