Magnetic Algae Scraper Pad – Mag Float

Magnetic Algae Scraper Pad – Mag Float Details

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This magnetic scraper pad is a critical part of staying on top of the day to day fight against algae. Use this cleaner for just a few minutes every couple days to preemptively scrub algae before it becomes established.


  • Easy removal of algae from glass/acrylic surfaces
  • No longer knock over decorations, damage corals and invertebrates
  • No longer get your hands submerged into the water of the fish tank
  • Large cleaning surface area makes the job quick and efficient
  • Strong, high-quality neodymium rare earth magnets
  • Can be used in freshwater and saltwater tanks
  • Magnet does not lose strength over time
  • Easy retrieval of inner magnet

To help prevent scratching your aquarium glass, always inspect the scraping blade and cleaning pad prior to use. A scraping blade with nicks or damage to the blade should be replaced. The cleaning pad should be free of gravel, sand, or other debris.

Also, use caution when scraping near the silicon seams of your tank. The scraping blade can easily cut and damage the silicone seams.


Height 2.5 in
Length 3.25 in
Depth 1 in