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300 Gallon Update – How I Beat Dinoflagellates Naturally

By Fish of Hex on

Travis: What's up guys? Welcome back to FishofHex, my name is Travis. In today's video, we're going to be doing an update here on the 300-gallon reef. Now over the last couple of weeks I've made some changes, added some livestock so I figured it would be a perfect time to give you guys an update, show you the coral growth and all the changes that are going on in the tank.

So, right off the bat you guys can see, livestock-wise we finally have a Blue Hippo Tang, which is about 4 1/2-ish inches, and then right next to her we have the Fox Face, about 5 1/2, roughly 6 inches.

You really don't realize how big some of these fish are, until you get something smaller in the tank, for example, um, this Yellow-Eyed Kole Tang, massive fish. You really don't realize, she's about, I don't know, maybe an inch thick, probably around 7-8 inches long, that's a big fish, and Blue is right there with her, being pretty much the same size. And you really just don't get that perspective until you put something smaller in there. Now, you guys are probably wondering, "How was the aggression adding two more fish to a tank that seems like it has quite a few in there already"? Um, it was pretty good. Uh, they're not really going after any one of those two fish, specifically hence the reason why I added both of them at the same time, just to kind of cut down on any of the aggression that might be in there. Now, those two fish tend to kind of chill together, uh, they were in quarantine tanks next to each other, so they seem be getting along quite well. And, um, other than Blue chasing around the Hippo and pissing off the Fox Face and he puts up his spikes, that's pretty much it for the aggression. There really isn't anything else going on, which is good. Can't ask for anything else, other than them getting along.

But, there is a little bit of an issue. When it comes to these Black Chromis', I did have 5 — let me start over — I did have 10 [untelligeable] 5 of them, and now I have 4, so what happened to the other one? Well, the day after I added these tangs, I found him dead on the side, basically at the bottom of the tank. Now it wasn't because they went after him just because there was other fish, I think it was just a coincidence. Uh, basically what happened is a couple weeks ago, he ran into this, I must've scared him, I saw him run into and get caught into that bird's nest, which is the [untelligeable] nest, it's very pointy, it messed up his eye. Basically, it gouged the whole side of his body, I was debating on trying to get him out. Of course, when they're healthy, you're not catching them in this tank. Some of you guys were kind of like, "Hey, maybe you should catch a fish if they get too aggressive." I dare you to come in here and try to catch any of the fish in this tank. It's just not going to happen. Uh, your net — nope. It's not happening.

So, I was like, "Well hopefully, he'll heal and things will get better, but unfortunately, he did not, I think they just kind of finished him off because he was really weak, so I pulled him out of the tank the other day. So, that's about it, again, I don't think it had anything to do with adding the other fish, it was just kind of his time to go, with him being injured.

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