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Adjusting a Siphon Stopper Emitter

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The site and stopper emitters patented technology prevented back siphon from emptying your aquarium when the power to the pump is shut off. The cap is intended to sit high over the surface so that Jets of water exiting from under the cap will agitate the water surface and keep surface dust moving towards the overflow. If you do not want to see the air bubbles associated with that surface agitation you can adjust the siphon stopper so the cap sits lower in the water. First, rotate the connection between the emitter and the bulkhead fitting left or right until the cap is just at the surface of the water. then rotate the fitting just behind the cap until the top of the cap is flat. Here is another look of the full us from below. Here are both adjustments seen from above. Make fine adjustments with small twists of the fittings until the cap sits as high as possible without the air bubbles being pushed into the water. Remember the openings in the cap are what allows the siphon stopper to stop a back siphon event so do not position the cap very far under the surface of the water.