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After Reefs Aquaculture – Introductions

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Speaker: Coral reefs contain some of the most beautiful and amazing organisms on the planet, and everyone enjoys viewing them, both in the wild and in our own living rooms. That's why After Reefs Aquaculture is dedicated to promoting aquaculture today to protect the reefs of tomorrow. After Reefs grows a wide variety of corals, including SPS, LPS and just about anything you can think of.

We specialize in growing the most unique and unusual pieces, from our 800-gallon grow out to our 200-gallon display tank custom built by to our quarantine and microalgae tanks.

Everything about After Reefs is focused on one common goal, protecting the reefs of tomorrow. No one wants to live in a world after the reefs. That's why After Reefs Aquaculture is promoting sustainable aquaculture today for the reefs of tomorrow.

About After Reefs

After Reefs is an aquaculture, research, and advocacy group focused on promoting coral reef longevity through sustainable aquaculture.

Between the recent decline in coral reef health across the globe, the rise in limitations on coral export, and the growing demand among coral hobbyists, aquaculture is essential to the future of the reefs, both the ocean’s and our living room’s. No coral enthusiast wants to live in a world “after the reefs,” and After Reefs’ goal is to help ensure that day never comes. AR also works to assist the everyday reefer through its research and advocacy efforts.

After Reefs got its start with help from, which built the display tank in our 1000 gallon system. AR’s founders are two brothers, a lawyer and a biologist, who have a passion for saltwater aquariums. After Reefs does not buy coral from the ocean: it acquires them only from aquaculture operations. AR has never purchased wholesale, and it focuses on culturing the most spectacular and unique pieces in the hobby.

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