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All My Fish Tanks – July 24, 2019

By King of DIY on

Joey: Alright! So you guys wanna go see every one of my fish tanks?

Alright, little disclaimer here, uh, couple things, three things? One — we've got to film on this little camera, I may or may not have broken another camera, and I need to use this until then so, quality, and the picture, little things will be a little bit different. Secondly, everybody says that every time I go on a trip something happens in the gallery, so we're back from Florida, we're going to take a look at all of my aquariums.

We're going to see that nothing's happened, it's just sometimes things do happen whether I'm here or not coincidentally, sometimes it does happen when I'm gone, but that is the last trip of the year. Unfortunately, I'm not able to make it to anything else except, Aquashella Chicago. I'm going to leave a link in the description below so you can get your tickets now, make sure you get them now. Otherwise, it could sell out like the last time it was in Dallas and people were getting turned away at the door. It's an amazing show. I hope to see many of you guys there. I'm going to do my best to make sure. It is the best show that you guys attend by doing some really cool things.

First and foremost, let's just get to the fish. When we walk in the door, the 375-gallon aquarium with the 5 — or 120-gallon sump, I don't want to look at it anymore. Um, this is a 500-gallon system, which contains — the Redtail Catfish. You guys will remember that we got this little guy when he was only what — two and a half, three inches long. Now, he's about twenty-two inches long, uh, I don't know the dates. I didn't really look it up before filming this video, but, uh, it's probably been around a year. So next time you see a cute little cuddly Redtail Catfish, keep in mind that that's gonna grow to an absolute monster in a very short period of time. Now, a lot of people say that this aquarium is a waste of a large aquarium for just one catfish, (and it is a bear tank), but I think he serves a larger purpose and showing exactly what you might be getting yourself into. We'll keep him for a little while longer before we repurpose this aquarium and turn it into something absolutely stunning.

Let's move into the actual gallery and take a look at — the tanks. First one up is this Lake Tanganyika tank, with the Lemon Cichlids, and of course, the little oscillatous. This is going to be difficult to focus on these little guys. This camera just wants to do its own thing. But, uh, as you can see there, they're absolutely adorable. They are putting on size. Everybody in this tank actually looks absolutely phenomenal, uh, nothing really new. The plants aren't doing so well, but we knew that coming into this, uh, that these guys might not make it, but they're lasting a lot longer than I thought. I never really liked this tank with plants anyway, I think what I might do here is remove all the plants, add more substrate and uh, this tank should be good. Of course, all of the fish will grow far more in time and that will fill out this tank. I do know that it looks incredibly empty.

Then of course, uh, we've got to get rid of this reflection, this is a very difficult camera to film with, unfortunately. Sorry guys. This is the Vieja aquarium, uh, everybody's doing absolutely phenomenal. This dominant male here — looking incredible. This tank, of course, is doing well besides the idea and the fact that the original tank actually, the entire bottom cracked and I was able to swap it out, without anybody knowing. I do like and I feel like I have to show everything in the gallery whether it's good or positive and um, unfortunately, the negative stuff always gets the more attention that's just, you know, the more views and whatnot. So, and it seems like a lot of bad things can happen in a big fish room or when you have a lot of aquariums, but not really. We just make sure that we jump to the bad stuff because of two things. One, if there's a learning lesson there, and two, they just do well on YouTube for views, but the Vieja are doing absolutely fantastic. They're just stunning, absolutely beautiful fish. The planted tank, uh, this looks horrible on this camera, but, let's see if it'll balance this color out. Oh, it's filling in nicely. Uh, I'd say within a couple of weeks, we're gonna add in some uh, nice, large school of Tetras, of course, I didn't clean these tanks or anything when I came in here. So, I got a little bit of algae there, I'll scrape that off. No problem.

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